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Anthem Company Hack

The purpose of this analysis is to establish the extent to which Anthem Insurance Company suffered when its online website was hacked and records tampered with. The contrast is between liberal and conservative writers; hence, the articles have been retrieved from Fox News and Huffington Post.


The Huffington Post’s liberal perspective approaches the hacking issue in the following format, “Anthem Hacked, Millions of Records Likely Stolen”,written by Supriya Kurane and Jim Finkle. The Fox News conservatives adopted the following angle, “Health insurer Anthem says database of customer, employee info hacked” on the Associated Press.


  • Overview

The contribution of the Associated Press in “Health insurer Anthem says database of customer, employee info hacked” is based on informing the affected members of the insurance company. The article implies that this was not the first kind of unaccepted code of conduct and assures the affected parties not to tense. From the article, relevant authorities are on their toes to ensure that the extent of the invasion is managed, hence creating a cool environment for the readers. The paper targets mainly those who have enrolled with the insurance company and offers a soft landing ground. It shows the high number of those affected, hence no need for worry on a particular case of an individual.

The “Health insurer Anthem says database of customer, employee info hacked” article shows the extent of damage expected in a manner that does not cause panic among the readers. This comes from the assurance that the credit card information was not compromised despite employee details, emails, and other details being exposed. The article also calls for the abolition of legal barriers that restricts sharing of cyber threat information.

 Supriya Kurane and Jim Finkle tackle the hack in the article “Health insurer Anthem says database of customer, employee info hacked”; they tackle all the relevant issues thoroughly, leaving no aspects untouched. The article purposes to get to the point where the problem is coming from and the extent of the attack. From the article, figures are broken down and the speculated damage and number of people affected are laid down. Despite the company’s cool nature and intent to give piecemeal information, Supriya Kurane and Jim Finkle give the whole information gathered from all sources. They keep the readers informed and away from any doubts, though they leave lots of speculations behind.

Supriya Kurane and Jim Finkle portray that there were alerts nationally about possible attacks, implying that Anthem did not take the necessary measures to protect the interest of their clients. From the article, it is evident that there is an increased demand in medical records by fraudsters. This is due to the outdated systems used by such companies that compromise the clients’ information.

  • Rhetorical choice

Rhetorical choices are evident in both articles where the contributors use them to drive a certain point home by emphasis on that point. In Supriya Kurane and Jim Finkle’s article, they use certain terms to create emphasis on the extent to which the things have been done. For example, they say that the hack operation was a “very sophisticated attack”. General knowledge has it that hackers are specialized in breaking into systems without authorization. They also incorporate flashbacks where they take the readers back to August when the FBI had given a warning concerning the hack attacks.

 The Associated Press uses rhetoric to strain from creating tension to the readers; this is achieved through the convincing mode that the Anthem Company is not the first to be attacked. This creates the impression that all things would be brought in line with a lot of ease without creating unnecessary tension.

  • Appeals to the readers

The two articles have been precisely written to appeal to their readers that are common in their site. From the Associated Press post in Fox News, there is a desire that is portrayed to keep the reader’s, especially the clients of Anthem Company, from losing hope with the company. The article assures that with time and proper measures being taken, the loop holes created by hackers would be mended soon.

Supriya Kurane and Jim Finkle show their prowess to readers in their ability to gather data and bring it to light without fear or favour. The article leaves the reader in the position to weigh the credibility of institutions that hold crucial information of citizens. The reluctance by institutions when an alert has been issued by intelligence authorities has been put to light.

  • Consistency

Both articles are consistent in the angle from which they are portraying the hacking operation at Anthem. It is evident from the articles that crucial information has been tampered with and proper measures need to be taken to improve the already insecure areas. The Fox News article is brief, but the Huffington article is detailed and characterized by more figures.

  • My personal stance

The hack is an alarming development that should be attended to effectively and promote safety for the public. At this point in time, there is a need to avoid taking chances with personal data. My call is to the State government to ensure that all agencies use the right systems that are up-to-date in order to secure information of the citizens. I make an appeal to everyone to take precautions especially when intelligence firms issue warnings about a specified crime. 

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