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American Pluralistic Society

The American society can be described as a pluralistic society given the diverse composition of its citizens in terms of race, language, and cultures. The major pluralistic societies that comprise the American society include the native whites, black Americans, Indians, Hispanics, and the whites among others. As a result, several cultural practices and languages exist in the American society that has given rise to a pluralistic society. In this analysis, we will examine the main impacts of language and cultural diversity on the pluralistic society of America. The various aspects of the American pluralistic society include the education system, corporate America, the American family, and the media.

Language and cultural diversity has a great influence on the American pluralistic society by influencing the family lifestyles, education, corporate activities, and other aspects of life. In one perspective, the influences have brought positive attributes to the American pluralistic society. However, criticisms have been raised that the diverse languages and cultures have worsened the social relations and growth of the American society. As a concept, American pluralism acts as a way in which the immigrant races in America are absorbed in the American culture while abandoning their individual traditions and identities. Indeed, cultural pluralism has enriched the way of life of the Americans due to the level of interactions that cuts across racial and ethnic backgrounds. The indigenous American citizens have been able to learnt new concepts such as music, education, and cuisine from other immigrant races. On the other hand, critics argue that such cultural and linguistic integration has been the reason for frequent tensions between various races in the United States.

The American language and cultural diversity have shaped the education system in a great way. Firstly, the education system has been redefined to incorporate various issues of language and culture. This has been stepped up by the American government as a way of enhancing understanding its multicultural society among the learners. Symbols, gestures, and icons have been incorporated into the education system reflecting the cultural diversity of the symbolic languages used by the diverse communities in America. In addition, the prevalent of diverse cultures have shifted attention on what ought and what ought not to be taught in public schools. For example, the separation of church states with diverse values and ethics have impacted on the provision of ethics information in public schools. Thus, the government controlled schools are prohibited from teaching ethics and morals.

The language and cultural pluralism in America has also influenced the American family in significant ways. First, the crisis of identity among the diverse cultural and linguistic groups has shaped the American family greatly. In some instances, feelings of discrimination have been witnessed which has led to separation of the different racial groups in America in terms of the residential regions. For example, the southern parts are usually inhabited by the black American families. Consequently, the American family has been segregated on racial lines with social stratifications and classes evident in many states and families. As a result, cultural pluralism in America has criticized over justification of cultural and family separation. However, the concept of a segregated society is ending and the cultures are becoming more integrated over time. There is also room for interracial relations including marriages, which has shaped the American family. Cultural connections are increasingly becoming more relevant than being exclusive in the American society.

The pluralism of the American society has a great influence on the corporate activities and the media in general. On the corporate perspective, the American system of education has been responsible for the dynamics experienced in the corporate world. Due to the diverse cultures of the American society, issues of ethics and morals have been ignored by the public schooling system. Contextually, the role of creating ethical and moral principles on the learners have been left to the church  and the society which in most cases lack the capacity and will to impart the skills to the learners. Lack of ethical conduct and moral principles have resulted to frequent scandals on major American corporations such as large oil companies and financial institutions. On the other hand, the diverse cultural aspects of the American society have impacted the media by determining the kind of news being presented. This is due to the fact that different races have diverse tastes for media programs. These media preferences have been diffused across a multicultural society and have impacted the society views and meanings to different aspects of life.

To conclude, the paper has examined the main influences of language and cultural diversity on the American pluralistic society. The various aspects of the expanded culture of the American include the education system, the American family, media, and corporate activities. For example, the education system corresponds to the cultural diversity of the different races. In relation to the analysis, the cultural and linguistic pluralism of the America has both positive and negative effects on the society. On a positive note, it encourages cultural integration while on a negative perspective in encourages cultural tensions.