History Sample Essay on The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

The Palestinian refugee problem

This problem is unique in its own ways because among all other problems that have been witnessed in all the corners of the world, it is the only one that has faced the problem of inaccessibility to a solution that will last for long. Most of the peace organizations in the world as well as the government of Palestine, where the refugees are have been ignoring the issue due to some reasons. To begin with, the rest of the people together with the government in the country have not accepted the refugees thus, it has become a hard nut to crack. This is because the government has not even considered the issue, thus sitting down to discuss it by other organizations would be going against the government’s wish. Means to implement a solution have been in vain due to the international protection being denied both severely and persistently by global organizations concerned. They have been forced to keep the matter pending and have advised the government officials to consider it fast before any further steps are taken.

The government would be in the best position to provide a solution since the refugees inhabit the land under its control and management. There has been little guarantees on protection in regards to this problem, unlike to other areas and camps inhabited by other refugees. Brokers of power in the country’s government have ignored any negotiations, which would solve the problem. The problem has been excluded and disregarded but it has been on the other hand requiring urgent attention. This is what mainly has attracted discourse of the public to attend to the Palestinians, who have been denied their rights as well as freedom. It is inhuman for the government to ignore the helpless refugees, some of them living in poor conditions, and the worse being that they have no place they call home and the country where they have been living rejects them. This has attracted views from other people from other areas but the government has turned to have deaf ears to secure the political power and gains of the country.

The issue started back for the power interest of countries in Middle East after the World War II and in the midst of the inter-war. Some of the people were displaced and were left without homes due to the severe destruction they experienced on their properties (Munayer & Loden, 2012). This made them migrate to the neighboring countries to look for help and support. Some landed in Palestine; something that up to date has erupted to a social problem that no one in the land is willing to attend to.  Many of them were Jews and thus a program would later be developed to establish a Jewish Homeland in the land of the Palestinians. The problem began when Israeli failed to recognize those refugees, as they believed that it would impute a right to the Palestinians to return.

This means that recognizing them would prevent them from returning to their original homeland. They have continued to reject them to instill pressure on them to go back to where they lived, forgetting that due to the wars that were there, their property was destroyed and thus they have been in dilemmas of whether to go or stay. They have finally decided to stay, as they do not have the ability to get back to their homeland. The Partition Resolution, which was later formed, confirmed that Israel had the right of maintenance of state without incorporating the Jews. The Zionist Movement was later formed the develop a home for the Jews in Palestine, which led to Palestine becoming a national residence for the refugees, though they have not literally been accepted by the citizens, thus bringing about conflicts (Morris, 2004).

The rise, goals and actions of the PLO

The organization was started and was supported by Nasser, the president of Egypt and was formed due to two different processes. Self-assertion as well as new trends of revolution among the refugees of Palestine have been rampant. In addition to this, circumstances among Arabs, also led to its rise. The main goal of the organization has been to find a solution for the Palestinian refugee problem, which has been disserted by all personnels involved in the appropriate negotiations that would give a solution.  There have been frustrations in attempts to come up with a solution, which have not been successful. It aims at looking at those attempts to get a go ahead. Some of the actions that the organization has undertaken include military involvement in fighting those rivals that gang up to deter any implementation of durable solutions to the problem. The main wars that have been on Israeli, which is the main hindrance of the solution to the problem (Usher, 2009). The organization has also advocated for inter- tribal leadership in the region. For instance, it has advocate for power sharing among the Jews and the Arabs. This will ensure that there will be leaders from all sides and this will help in getting a solution because the leaders will sit down and bring the matter to be table as a united people.


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