History Essay Sample Paper on American Experience: Carter-Reagan-Bush: The Bipartisan Consensus

American Experience: Carter-Reagan-Bush: The Bipartisan Consensus


The bipartisanship in the US has a significant impact on the country’s politics, economy, military, as well as defense budget. Every citizen in America enjoys a right for pursuing success and bipartisanship augments the democratic degree thereby promoting the popularization of voting rights. It precludes the national power from being dominated permanently by a single party as both political divide enjoy the right to pursue the national power thereby prompting them to take turns in managing the country.

It has also reformed the electoral system to extend the voting rights to the susceptible citizens like blacks and women hence increased protection for human rights. It, however, adversely affects American Dream by enlarging the wealth gap in the American society as the social wealth distribution became unfair. This is because both Democratic and Republican Party enjoys a close relationship with capitalized huge companies.      


 Following the Vietnam War and Watergate scandal, American were disillusioned and kept away from political participation. Trying to recapture a disillusioned citizenry, President Jimmy Carter remained within American historic political system boundaries that emphasized the protection of corporate wealth and power, upholding an enormous military machine that negatively exhausted the national wealth, which the beleaguered American citizens perceived as disastrous and a threat to American Dream.

This is because US government had to pay Panama government 2.3 million dollars to maintain its 14 military base in Panama. However, having strong military defense is needed to provide protection for the country. The huge budgets that were spent in military helped protect the people of America from the deadly Vietnam War and miseries by protecting its boundaries from invasion as well as offering support to its allies to fight against the enemies.      


The huge defense spending has derailed the American from achieving its dream. For example, President Jimmy Carter drained public funds to support the military at the expense of helping the poor people including women who wanted to abort. On the other hand, the bipartisanship is effective since it ensures that power is not vested or dominated by one party and hence put checks on the government to make rational decisions and policies.