History Essay Paper on Congress does not Declare U.S Independent

Congress do not Declare U.S Independent.

Congress men, there is a total misrepresentation of facts which are ignorant of the true state of Great Britain. I refute the calls for armed force to resist Great Britain and ultimately to achieve independence for the following factors:

Exclusive of foreigners and other people who are against arms, the number of men will greatly reduce. Britons have an added advantage of locality, it extends some great distance to the ocean. This will lead us to dividing our troops to which will definitely create a weakness in our troops.

Britain has a history coverage of victories in the whole globe. They saved us from France hence the more they will put more effort to retain us. If for example the other European powers are of the opinion of our continent to be a free port, Britain cannot let go America. Instead it will convince the rest of Europe to assist it in retaining America as a free port.

 With the utmost respect my Congress, I do not see the flare of getting help from foreign powers. France and Spain are wretched politicians and can we really expect aid from them?

Trade ties and relations with Europe will be broken. Trade is a backbone of economy and when it is blocked it leads to misery and horror. Tax is paid to the government so that it can be able to give better services to the citizens. Tax should not be rejected since all share the benefit of the government.

Congress men forgiving and reconciliation is the best way forward to air and clear the differences we have with Britain. There should be no more bloodshed for the fight of independence, let’s look for ways to make our continent better.


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