History Essay Paper on Abraham Lincoln’s Importance

Abraham Lincoln’s Importance

            Lincoln was a very influential leader of his time. As the president of the united states he managed to accomplish great revolutions that his predecessors had failed to achieve. Lincoln, although not very popular, served as a congressional representative for a while, at which point he decided to divert his career from politics. However, due to the continued inhumane acts and the lack of direction for the United States, he chooses to vie for a higher office in the government to implement the changes he thought were necessary. Lincoln joined the union that advocated for antislavery. As a member of the union, he managed to influence many people to view slavery as a vice. Lincoln’s involvement with the union enabled the group to reach more people, especially those who were in the political realms. He was an outspoken and intelligent person who knew how to convey his message in the simplest but deeper ways. His involvement with the union gave birth to the antislavery revolution and the formation of a constitution that finally put a stop to the inhumane activities of slavery.

            As the president, Lincoln continued his fight against slavery. In 1963, he proclaimed an emancipation that freed all the slaves in the states that rebelled against his government. The freedom of the slaves enhanced the union because more people became aware of the need to end slavery. The freed slaves joined antislavery movements and narrated their stories to the public, thus convincing the nation that slavery was an evil act. Additionally, the presidency gave Lincoln an opportunity to pave way for the unity and freedom of the people living in America regardless of their color and status. His government advocated for the new amendment of the constitution that condemned slavery. Although the constitution was not amended during his lifetime, the impact that Lincoln left after his death triggered the new government to embrace the new changes and create a peaceful nation.

            On the other hand, Lincoln’s leadership was a pillar that created changes in the presidential office in the United States. His courage and integrity showed the people that it was possible to stand for the rights of the citizens and remain a great leader. Regardless of the much opposition that the president experienced during his leadership years, his focus to create unity and freedom in the nation was not swayed. Additionally, Lincoln proved to be a Great War leader after the southern states initiated the civil war. Lincoln was a leader who knew what needed to be done and was ready to execute the necessary orders to ensure the freedom and the unity of his people. His wisdom and the knowledge of battle can be used by the leaders of today during war times.

            Lincoln served one of the shortest periods as a president in the American history, but his achievement and qualities influence leaders today to promote peace and unity around the world. Lincoln proved that peace and unity were a possibility regardless of the challenges. The relationship between the south and the northern parts of the United States was adverse at the time that Lincoln took office, but in a few years, he was able to initiate peace. The eradication of slavery in the world is one of the great achievements that president Lincoln during his lifetime as a president and a congressional representative.