Here are Some Good Ways to Start an Essay

Here are Some Good Ways to Start an Essay

Generally, essays are scholarly writing pieces that give the writer’s argument. This kind of writing methodically evaluates and analyses an issue or topic. In essence an essay is designed to get the writer’s academic opinion regarding a given matter. It is this fact that makes it imperative to learn good ways to start an essay.

An essay is supposed to consist a couple of elements which include political manifestos, literary criticism, daily life observations, learned arguments, reflections and recollections of the author. Writing an impressive essay is not just about re-telling and surveying ideas.

It should take into account different view-points and opinion as well as put an argument forward that reflects the writer’s opinion. More importantly, before you start working on your essay, always ensure you learn good ways to start an essay.

Tips to help you in coming up with good ways to start an essay

  • Have a great introduction

There are numerous good ways to start an essay. The first lies in coming up with a compelling and great introductory paragraph. Bear in mind a good introduction is supposed to inform and motivate the reader. It should let them know what the essay is about and spur them into reading further.

The essay on Christian views on wealth and poverty is a good example of an essay that has a good start.

In the essay, the author starts by stating that deprivation and poverty are the greatest hindrances to development in society. The author proceeds to highlight the belief held by many that wealth is the ultimate state that indicates comfort and further states the Christian view is different from what majority of people believe and bases the fact on the Bible.

From the introduction, the author captures the reader’s attention and keeps them interested in learning more about Christian views and what the Bible says. A great introduction can be the quotes of famous individuals, a literary quote, anecdote, a question, use of fact or definition and the use of statistics etc.

  • State your thesis

Stating your thesis directly and briefly is one of the good ways to start an essay. While writing the thesis, make sure you do not make any bald announcements like stating “This essay is about…”

Rather, it should be something like what is seen in the essay Description of Silk Roads, “This indicates the need for studying and understanding them. The unity of the Afro Eurasia has been preserved due to these roads. The Unity can be seen in the common lifestyles, culture, religion and technologies (Christian 1-26).”

In this case, the author clearly states the thesis and prepares the reader for what will follow in the rest of the essay.

  • Master the varying types of essays

There are different kinds of essays and part of learning good ways to start an essay lies in understanding the different types. Some of the most basic ones include:

  1. Argumentative/persuasive essay-It seeks to persuade the reader to share the same perspective as the author. For instance, an essay on whether whether handguns should be banned is a persuasive essay.
  2. Analytical-This allows the author to read work and analyze words, characters, themes and meaning by using their own ideas and scholarly sources regarding the topic.
  3. Expository essay-This picks a situation or process and explains the important aspects
  4. Research- It digs deeper into your topic by informing readers regarding its uses, relevance and history.
  5. Contrast and compare- Compares and contrasts 2 topics and show how different or similar they are.

Once you fully understand the type of essay you are supposed to be working on, it becomes easier for you to start working on it and deliver superb work.

  • State interesting facts regarding the essay

Writing a good essay takes more than just getting your facts right. It also means coming up with interesting facts that will keep the reader interested in finding out more. In the case of sample essay on handguns, this technique is used. “More than 30,000 deaths that were attributed to these guns were recorded and reported within the United States in the 90s. These deaths resulted from accidents, murder, self-defense and suicides among other reasons”.

Stating the facts will show the reader you understand your topic as well as what you are talking about. It sparks the interest of the reader and pushes them into reading the rest of the paper.

  • Define the purpose of the essay

As part of learning good ways to start an essay, always define the purpose of your essay. Do you aim to persuade, entertain, compare and contrast, define, analyze, tell and synthesize a story? By knowing the purpose of your essay from the start, it becomes easier for you to frame your argument and reach the appropriate number of people in the appropriate manner.

For instance, if your purpose is to persuade people, you must develop a logical argument that has compelling points so that readers can be convinced of your view-point. It is important to ensure you are knowledgeable enough to convince your readers you fully understand your topic.

  • Use the proper tone

Using the proper tone and managing it is also another great way to get started working on a god essay. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most important aspects in delivering an impressive essay. The tone you used should vary in accordance to your audience. Therefore, ensure you know the kind of audience you are writing for in advance as well.

The tone is supposed to be detached, informative and professional. Avoid using language that is too biased in the attempt to convince the reader as this will not make you sound authoritative. The tone used should vary in accordance to the kind of essay been written. In the case of personal essays, the tone can be more informal and comfortable. Always picking the right tone to use sets the stage for good ways to start an essay.

  • Write in the third person

While writing, make sure you use the third person unless you are advised not to do so. This is one of the most reliable ways to write successful essays. Saying, “I think…” or “I believe…” makes your argument sound insubstantial or weak. Ensure you phrase your words in ways that make your argument more forceful.

Always avoid using the first and second person. Do not say “you” rather, say, “he or she”, “one” or opt to use the right pronoun.

  • Gather all the facts

Before you start working on your essay, make sure you have collected all the facts needed to write a premium quality paper. Use different kinds of resources to gather information and make sure they are reliable and authentic. Once you have all the resources in place, it should be easy for you to start working on your essay. You can list the main points down and cancel them off as you move along. This will increase your writing speed and also ensure you get your facts right as well.

  • Always consider both sides of the essay

Every essay has two sides and before you start working on one, make sure you understand each side. This will make it easy for you to take a stand and make a decision on the stance to take while working on your essay. Pick a side that gives you a solid argument and makes it easy for your readers to follow through with what you are saying.

Importance of knowing good ways to start an essay

The importance knowing good ways to start an essay are numerous because in a nutshell they help you write amazing essays. How you start your essay makes a difference on whether or not you are able to reach your audience and convince them regarding what you are writing about.

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