Health Care Essay Sample on Privacy and Security Concerns Regarding Health Information

Privacy and Security Concerns Regarding Health Information

The matter of health information privacy and security has caused a stir in several areas and it is one of the concerns for the healthcare providers. Health information privacy and security simply refers to the ways of protecting and securing important patient’s health information from the public and this information can only be given to the patient or other persons with serious business concerns like doctors or insurance companies.

The first case of breach of important and private patient information is serious and unfortunate. The parties responsible for the breach of confidentiality include the technician and Kaiser Permanente. The technician was hired to upgrade and repair the web system but he went ahead to send backlogged messages to other individuals who were not suppose to see the messages due to their confidential nature. Apart from that when the technician realized that he has been sending confidential messages to the wrong recipients he stopped but did not notify Kaiser Permanente administrators.

            On the other hand Kaiser Permanente was equally on the wrong. To start with they should have hired a responsible person through a serious vetting or interview process. Secondly, they should have never allowed the technician to access the patient’s information. The protection of the patient’s information should have been their utmost concern and perhaps they should have told the technician about the same so that he becomes cautious.

Clearly this breach of security will prevent the present clients from providing their information since the trust they had no longer there. There is nothing that is easier to lose than trust and getting it back takes a long time. This means that the clients will take a long time and much assurance that their information will remain confidential and such a case will not be repeated.

It is not an easy task to assure the clients that their information will be confidential. It is nonetheless important to try to assure them and make them to be aware of the further precautions that Kaiser Permanente has taken to ensure that client’s information is secure.

The case of files being used for obscene calls was another serious one. When such cases happen they cause a stir and inflict serious damage to the hospital and the patients alike. In order to prevent such occurrences in future the hospitals hiring technicians should always conduct a thorough background check and should not rely on the technicians credentials alone. Background checks ensure that a person hired is of character and high integrity.

Administrators on the other hand should ensure that they keep their passwords and patient information confidential. They should be careful with such information at all times to ensure that even the technicians working in the hospital do not get access to them. Hospitals should ensure that they update their information, especially the information on the computer and the security system so that no one takes advantage of security lapses.

The hospital security system cannot be criticized because the technician used the password of a former hospital administrator. The current hospital administrators should have moved swiftly to ensure that all the details of the former administrator are secured and the password changed or his account deleted. In this regard, the hospital has to be held accountable for negligence that led to mental torture of female clients and children as young as 8 years.

Hackers basically try to get into any system they can get into regardless of whether it belongs to an individual, a company, personal and company bank accounts, research institute or a university medical center. However hackers are always interested in accounts or websites where they can get important, confidential and classified information. They hack on such accounts with the intention of having monetary gains or to get information that could enable them have monetary benefits. For the case of a university medical centre the hackers could be professionals who are interested in someone’s medical records or a research that is going on. The medical records can then be used to blackmail the individual or the university.

Concerning a research that is ongoing any person might be interested in acquiring the details of the research or to get the progress on the research and sell it to other people or use it for personal acclamation. With regard to the above a university medical research centre website is an attraction to many hackers. The university administration should therefore ensure that enough is done to prevent hacking in its web site. It should use strong passwords and these passwords should only be known by a few individuals who highly trusted and are known to have the university interests at heart.

The university should further invest in a specialist who understands the new and most current ideas used by hackers. This will ensure that the security details on the website are updated on a regular basis depending on the new information acquired by the anti hacking specialist.

            In this case the medical centre is not accountable since the information on the website was not acquired through negligence. Although it is important for any institution that deals with private and highly classified information to take care and invest in security of the information that they protect.