Health Care Essay Paper on The 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

The 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

The fire occurred in New York City and caused death of many workers especially immigrant women from Italy (Greene & Von, 2007). The extent of the deaths was accelerated by the fact that the management had locked all the industrial exits to prevent unauthorized breakages. This article discusses the circumstances and the working conditions of the industrial workers.

The working conditions of the factory employees were very poor. They were paid low wages of $15 per week, which was not enough sustain their living. They were subjected to long working hours of approximately 12 hours a day (Greene & Von, 2007). When the international Garment Workers Union logged a strike to demand for more pay and reasonable working hours, hired police ambushed them. Sadly, the exit doors were locked and the elevators, which could have been used for escape were not functional.

The sweatshops in the 21st century were associated with poor industrial working conditions. The great fire was one of the calamities experienced during this time (Greene & Von, 2007). The disaster led to widespread attention on the looming critical conditions of sweatshop factories. Compared to sweatshops of early 20th century, the rise of sweatshop was connected to many unhealthy conditions faced by the factory workers. Even though the locations of the factories had changed, the working conditions has not.

To date, there are sweatshops in the United States. Modern sweatshops have continued to attract those who are in dire need of employment. Most of the targeted workers are the illegal immigrants who are in fear of employment in the governmental agencies (Greene & Von, 2007). Most of these factories violate the set minimum wage and overtime laws of the country. To solve this issue, the government should ensure safety measures are adhered to by all the factories. The issue of illegal immigrants should also be addressed to avoid the plight of desperate workers who are willing to work for low wages.


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