Health Care Essay Paper on Long-Term Medical Records

Long-Term Medical Records

Patients have medical histories that are important in dealing with their current health problems. The problem is the doctor purely relies on the information available from the patient and records that may be available. This is usually not sufficient which forces the doctor to rely on expertise they have. They end up in most cases solving the medical problem in a longer time than necessary. This is because some of the medication provided does not work on the patient (Bates, et al, 2003). This is information that the doctor could have gathered from the medical history of the patient if it was easily accessible in electronic format.

Electronic data is easy to access and read. This makes it easy for health care providers to upload and access the patient data any time the patient seeks medical attention. This is a process that takes time because of the huge amount of data available in the hospital. Sorting this data out and filling it in the hospital patient management system takes time. This process should be carefully done to ensure available information is captured and saved in respective folders. This should also be arranged in a way that makes the data easy to access. This makes it easy for health practitioners to access patient’s information any time they check in (Bates, et al, 2003).

Electronic medical data entry is a long-term project because after old information is recorded, new information is updated every time the patient seeks medical attention. This implies that this information will be filled in throughout the hospital life to ensure the available information is up to date. This is a very important process that will ease work in the hospital and improve efficiency (Bates, et al, 2003). It is easy to carry out the process due to advanced technology and available information management systems that ensure everything is well documented and easy to access.


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