Health Care Essay Paper on 8 d q 4 2

8 d q 4 2

Health care workers like any other professionals are human beings. As such, they are expected to have downfalls in their duties and more commonly in their social life. In so saying, we can admit that they are not different. However, in a realist world, one that is centered towards achieving better services of all nature to its people, we should think different on the health care workers. These are individuals who directly engage everybody’s life in the society. People who take care of our illnesses. Much care must be shown in this field.

Health care, like any other medicinal profession, requires real professionalism in handling of the job. Therefore, leadership here must be by example. We cannot expect the people who take care of our lives to live the reckless life that we do. Health care workers must be different from other persons with defects in mental, spiritual and physical health. They must exercise good ethics, take good diet, and practice good mental spiritual behavior for the rest of the society to follow by action,just as it is said a good teacher leads by example.

However, something must also be done to the society. The law of nature explains that everyone is what his environment moulds him or her to be. The society and lifestyle has greatly affected the role played by health care workers, and so has been to their traits. Never the less, the impact of the society on the health workers is no good reason for them to be like the rest, they must be different and lead by example, that would be pride for everyone. Therefore, the health care workers should be different from other members of the society.