Health Care Essay on U.S Health Care Reforms

U.S Health Care Reforms

The major provisions of the ACA are based on ensuring that all individuals have access to medical care in the United States. These reforms include insurance medical coverage to all individuals through charging appropriate premiums by insurance companies and establishment of relevant provisions for covering health needs. The other provisions of the health reform include medical care payment reforms to encourage greater efficiency in providing health services and inclusion of medical subsidies to low income persons (Copeland and Maeve 89). The potential impacts of the changing health systems include better acquisition of health services by all individuals especially to those at low-income brackets. However, this may prompt the government to raise the taxation levels to cater for the increased service provision (Haber 54). The financing of the health services in U.S may be forced to rely on large organizations that employ many people, since they will be forced by the legislation to adhere to the new law.

The ACA reforms will influence overall health care and regional variation in costs as well as health care quality in the United States in several ways. The new program is likely to increase government costs of provision of health care through funding (Denecia 34). Also, it will lead to benefit reductions to employers in higher income groups. Thus, the overall health care service provision quality will be reduced (Lee 78). For example, the imposed health insurance tax means that higher income groups will be locked out of the benefits anticipated by the health reforms (Morone and Ehlke 21). In summary, the health care reforms introduced by the United States government will favor the individuals at the lower income brackets at the expense of the higher income groups. These include tax deductions, which are likely to reduce the benefits that they will receive from the new reforms.

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