Health Care Dissertation Discussion Paper on Assisted Living

Assisted Living

After watching the PBS special about Assisted Living Facilities, what are your thoughts?

            The adult care industry lacks important regulation by the government or medical boards and this has meant that the focus is on higher profit which can lead to a decline in quality of services offered. There is also a problem due to the growing demand for adult care caused by the inability by many people to care for their aged parents as they care for their children and the high cost of medical care for the aged.

What struck you as most significant?

The most significant problem is that this increased demand has meant there is a shortage of staff and therefore the facilities have had cases that border on negligence where injuries that should have been treated quickly were left to develop more complications.

Knowing that these facilities are private pay and therefore without regulation from the federal or state governments for payment, are you comfortable with that fact?

I am not comfortable with the fact that these facilities are private as they make them susceptible to unethical medical practices so as to improve their balance. Staff at some of the homes has been accused of having policies that make it impossible for those aged to leave if they want and will not allow the children of those in the homes to take them away which is a violation of their rights. That the facilities are also private means that there are many old people who need care who will not receive it and that there are doctors who could have their services better utilized in the public sector but are not there.

What recommendation for changes would you make? Would the services offered by the Assisted Living Facility change your recommendation (like Alzheimer’s care, etc)

            The government should develop regulation and an ethical code of conduct for the medical staff and the facilities to prevent exploitation of families and protection of the aged from neglect. The government should also start its own homes so that those from less privileged families can also have access to care for the aged.