Health Care Case Study Paper on Applications for Telemedicine Services and Delivery

Case Study

An electronic health record delivery program is highly essential in any health institution. However, there may be few complications that may make it appear unfruitful or risky especially in terms of leaking out confidential information about patients. As the director of the electronic health record delivery program, I have faced the challenge of having patient’s crucial information leaked to the community through social networks posted by some workers in the organization. This has not only created tension among the patients but also created distrust among the patients.

            Since I want to see this program continue, I will make rely on the Health Records Act 2001. The Health Records Act 2001 protects the privacy of all individual health information as well as regulates the handling and collection of the same. It gives individuals the right to access their personal health information at all times. On the electronic health information, the Act indicates that all the HPPs should be designed to adequately protect the privacy of this information and ensure safe delivery of such information at all times. The Act indicates that all medical information must be kept private and confidential (Ekaterine, 2010). Bodies such as the local government, companies, associations, public institutions including hospitals must all comply with the Health Records Act 2001.

To ensure that something like this never happens again, I will ensure that the privacy options for the record systems are tightened the more. Only few individuals, especially them that have a one on one contact with the patients will be able to access their information on the record system. Secondly, use of social networks within the institution will be prohibited. I will ensure that access to social networks is disabled immediately.  


Ekaterine, K. (2010). Grid Technologies for E-Health: Applications for Telemedicine Services and Delivery: Applications for Telemedicine Services and Delivery. Pennsylvania: IGI Global.