Guidelines to Help you Know how to Write the Best Research Papers

Know how to Write the Best Research Papers From These Guidelines

A research paper is an expanded essay, which presents your supported arguments .You cannot graduate from university or college without writing research papers. Regardless of your course, you need to master how to write the best research papers to score high grades and gain a greater understanding of concepts in your area of specialization. Besides having the in-depth knowledge in your field, appreciating the steps of research writing is equally paramount. Below are essential steps to follow whenever you are working on your research papers.

8 Steps on How to Write the Best Research Papers

The first step when writing best research papers is choosing a topic. Although you may be working within specific guidelines, which could limit you variedly, ask yourself vital questions about the research. For example, keep the following in mind: Will I get enough material on this topic? Is it unique and interesting? What value does it add to my course?

Step 1: Get to know the elements of a Good Research Paper Topic

A good research paper topic should interest and challenge you. Thus, having a positive attitude on your topic of research will have a direct bearing on the effort you put in the research and the ultimate outcome and.

An excellent topic of research should be specific, i.e. narrow down to a single element. For example instead of choosing ‘Religion’ as your topic of research, consider ‘Islam’ as this has a limited scope. Do not forget your professor. Present your topic of research and seek his or her approval before you start your research.

Ensure that you can manage the topic you choose. Avoid settling on a technical topic, which you can hardly explain to a friend. This sample paper, Sociology for the 21st Century, shows you how to develop your topic, and broaden it into a complete research paper.

Step2: Find Information

To master how to write the best research papers, you must be ready to search relevant information using all the methods at your disposal. Make use of the readily available means before sourcing information from other sources. Here are some options for you:

How to Write the Best Research Papers Using the Internet

The web makes it easy to get background information on any topic before checking published books and journals. At this stage, select useful URLs and consult online encyclopedias to enrich your knowledge on the topic of research. As a starting point, use search engines like Google.

Select sites with reliable information as the internet carries every type of information. Focus on domain extensions for government (.gov), educational institution (.edu) or non-profit organization (.org) since they have trusted information. You therefore must learn how to filter online content as you equip yourself with writing skills using other people’s experience. You can also access e-books through the internet or with the assistance of your university library since most publishers have restricted access to their publications.

Besides the internet, you can obtain information on your topic of research from print materials like:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Journals, encyclopedias,
  • Newspapers
  • Reports
  • Government publications

As you read different information sources, remember to do an evaluation. Always bookmark reliable websites. This makes it easier to go back and retrieve specific information with ease. Additionally, make printouts for electronic materials, which you may require when writing your research paper. Lastly, always take notes of important information, as you cannot rely on your memory for retrieval.

Step 3: State your thesis

The third step in understanding how to write the best research papers is stating your thesis. To come up with an excellent thesis statement, engage in critical thinking and put it down in a sentence. It declares what you believe in terms of your topic of research. Throughout the research process, you will expound arguments defending your thesis statement.

Step 4: Have an Outline

A research paper outline, show the skeleton of your work. This will help you understand your topic of research and systematize it before you embark on writing. Having an outline gives you a clear picture of writing the best research paper as you can visualize the final copy of your work at this stage.

A good outline guarantees you an excellent research paper. Go through your outline and ensure that the points flow logically from the first to the end. The main parts of an outline are introduction, body and the conclusion. However, make the first outline provisory to allow room to better it.

Rule of Thumb on How to Write the Best Research Papers

Knowing how to write the best research papers require that you have a catchy introduction to capture the reader’s attention. At this stage, state your thesis and the aim of your research with clarity. Why are you writing the paper? Also, state how you intend to approach your subject. Make it clear that your work is as report, book review, or an analysis of an issue. Remember to give details of your strong points, and reasons for readers to gain interest in your research topic.

The body has the weight of your research paper. Here, you defend your thesis statement with strong arguments. Apply the rule of 3, which demands that you present three supporting arguments whenever you take a different position. Always introduce your defense with strong arguments, then stronger and summarize with the strongest.

For example, Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power captures the main elements of a good research paper. It defines the topic and discusses the pros and cons of wind power before a recap of the arguments in the conclusion.

Do not do a thorough research and leave out the conclusion. Restate your thesis statement in the conclusion and give a summary of your research arguments. Convince your professor or reader why how you arrived at this specific conclusion.

Do not introduce new ideas at this level as this will bring confusion and the section will cease to be a conclusion. Clearly, introduction, body and conclusion carry a lot of weight when mastering how to write the best research papers.

Step 5: Organize your notes

Follow your research outline to organize all the information you have collected from the internet, books, journals and other sources. After this, critically conduct an analysis of your research data, to give it meaning. This is also the time to counter check your information and confirm that it is factual.

How to Organize Notes When Writing a Research Papers

As you organize your data, take note of opposing views in case they add value in defending your thesis. The best research papers require thorough organization from the introduction to the last paragraph. Find meaning from your data by digesting, sorting, analyzing and synthesizing all you have.

Your research work will make sense if you can communicate your findings effectively to others through written words or through an oral presentation with audio-visual support.

Discard all irrelevant information. All the information in your research work must be relevant to your topic of research. Record your findings in your own words for easy understanding.

To be familiar with how to write the best research papers, keep in mind that plagiarism is a research offense. Attribute your work and borrowed information accurately throughout your paper. Take note of bibliographical information as you make notes, and transfer this to the references page.

Step 6: Write Your First Draft

You need a first draft, which you refine to get your final research paper. Follow your outline to ensure that points flow logically. To save on time, focus on important information, which you have.

Utilize summarizing, paraphrasing and direct quoting in your research paper. Choose a technique, which you suit you as they have varying demands. Use note cards and codes to organize your work. This enhances orderliness as you sort your information and discard irrelevant materials.

Step 7: Revise your work

In research paper writing, always present a flawless paper to your supervisor. You can only achieve this by revising your outline and draft before writing a final copy of your research paper.

During revision, counter check your data to ensure that you include verified information in your research paper. Do not forget your research outline. Arrange and rearrange ideas to match the outline.

Step 8: Type your final paper

You do not know how to write a research papers if you do not have a final copy of your research work. After counter-checking all the elements of your paper, type and print your work. Do not mess yourself at the last stage. Use high quality printing paper.

Revisit research instructions and read to capture what you are supposed to hand in. Ask yourself if your final copy meets the demands of your lecturer. At this point, know the evaluation system.

Take your quality time and proofread your work. To master how to write the best research papers you must embrace perfectionism. Look out for spelling errors, duplicated words or punctuation errors. This copy represents your effort and ability. It should therefore be presentable in every way. Hand in your research paper timely to avoid penalties.

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