Guidelines on How to Write a Book

Guidelines on How to Write a Book

Knowing how to write a book is very important because everybody has a book within them. However, the most important factors that will determine your success in writing the book are money and time- You need to ask yourself if you have time for writing the book. If you do not have that time, can you afford the funds for hiring someone to craft the book or part of it on your behalf? Nevertheless, once you know how a book should be written, you can come up with a book just for enjoyment or for publication.

Writing a book refers to telling a story, sharing experiences or ideas through writing. If you usually weave creative narratives within your head while reading novels or while relaxing, you can write a book that will tell readers such stories-

The following guidelines will help you know how to write a book with ease

You need to start by determining your goals and vision for writing a book. Have the big picture in mind or what you will accomplish by writing a book. Are you intending to simply share information that will make other people take action or do you want to come up with a book that will lead to consultations or engagements in your specialty? Perhaps, you want to start a career in writing. Consider all these factors before you start writing.

Know your target audience

Perhaps, this is the most important thing to know if you do not know how to write a book. You need to know the people that would like to read the book that you write. Determine what the target audience knows or what they would like to know. Do not tell them what they already know. Tell readers what they do not know to make your book interesting to them-

Have a notebook

You may not want to type the novel in your computer directly. However, not all the time when inspiration strikes you will be near your computer. As such, having a pen and a notebook is the best way to start writing a book. Therefore ensure that you always have a notebook in your briefcase or backpack. A notebook is better because if you feel that you have written garbage, you can easily rip it out.

Create a book outline

Before you start writing a book, create an outline or overview of the story that you want to tell other people through your book. This includes notes about your characters, their possible names, back stories and descriptions among others. Such an overview will give your book direction. It will also enable you to give special meanings to characters in the story. If something happened in your story, describe it in the outline before you start writing. For instance, was that thing personal, when and how did it happen? Answer all questions that readers may raise after reading the book that you write. Your outline should include sample chapters that show how the book will be organized.

Developing a plot first shows that you know how to write a book well

A plot determines the starting point on which the story will be anchored. It does not have to be something fancy. Instead, it should be a general idea of what will happen in the story. With a plot, you can easily look back to see what you have written. You will be amazed to see how your book may have changed. You may change the book so that it can match your plot or even do away with the plot if the book that you have written is good. You can also mix or integrate both the plot and the book because what you are writing is yours.

Conduct research

Even when writing a fictional novel, you need to conduct some research. For instance, you need to read other people’s work for challenge and inspiration. If possible, try to connect with other writers through the social networks. Ask them questions about different aspects of writing a book including developing a plot and disturbances that can hinder you from writing a good book-

At this point, you should not worry about being published. Once you write a good piece, you will not miss a publisher or agent that will help you find a publisher. If you are writing a non-fiction book, a good way of knowing how to write a book is by conducting research on how books are written. This entails reaching out to experts and reading more sources of relevant information. You also need to know how to format the book when writing a non-fiction book.

How to write a solicited book

If a publisher asks you to write a proposal that they approved and asked you to write a book, that is, a solicited manuscript, stick to the given guidelines while writing the book. However, if you want to write such a book, you need to first conduct research on literary agents and then send them a query letter. If the letter interests the agent or the publisher, they will ask for a proposal from you. After reviewing the proposal, they will send you feedback with guidelines for writing the book. Consider the changes that the agent or publisher made on the proposal and then start writing the book. Again, you must conduct research on the subject that you are writing the book on.

Actual writing

Starting to write a book is the most inspiring part. You can start small and increase gradually. For instance, you can start by writing 300 words every day- If you have an outline, stick to it and ensure that the chapters are broken down into sections. Consider writing the book as a piece that has a beginning, the middle part and the end. Do not include anything complex because this will confuse you.

While writing the book, set a time frame. For instance, you can opt to be writing every evening, every day or every week. Schedule the time that is convenient and appropriate for you. Do not let any time that you have scheduled pass without writing the book. Additionally, choose a specific place where you can go and write your book. This should be different from the place where you do most of your activities. Make the place special so that your body and mind can be psychologically set to work each time you enter that place.

Always write

Do not stop writing each time you end a chapter. This is among the most important things people who don’t know how to write a book should know. Again, do not concentrate on making the first draft the best. Just write freely as the ideas flow in your mind without giving into the editing urge. Read over what you write once the writing session comes to an end and make some corrections. Before starting another writing session, always read some of what you wrote previously-

Edit the book after writing

Once you have written the book, edit it and then look for someone to edit it. This can be a professional editing service or an editor that is familiar with the genre or topic. The editor should give you feedback about your organization, writing style and completeness among other aspects of the book. It is unfortunate that this step is skipped by most authors despite being very important. Again, avoid rewriting your manuscript by editing the book yourself. Instead, get a qualified editor to go through the manuscript and then give you the final word.

Most essential tips on how to write a book

Before and while writing a book, you need to have tips that will guide you.

They include:

  • Know your target readers

This entails determining who will buy and read your book? Why? What makes your book special to them? Why they should choose your book and not another person’s book?

  • Keep practicing

Practice writing a book before you starts writing one. Know challenges that you will face and how to overcome them.

  • Find an ideal place and space to write

You need a place that is free from disturbances to write your book from. Remember that writing a book is like any other work. Choose a nice place where ideas and thoughts will flow freely to write your book from.

  • Have a plan

A plan will keep you focused while writing the book. It will also enable you to organize your work.

  • Hire an editor

You cannot completely correct mistakes that you have made while writing. An editor will read your book from another angle. This will make noticing mistakes that you might not easy.

With these tips on how to write a book, you can easily write a quality fiction or non-fiction book within the least time possible-

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