Form for Recommendation Letter

Form for Recommendation Letter

A good form for recommendation letter can guarantee easy enrollment into a good college or an opening into the job market. A recommendation letter also known as reference letter is a document that looks at the qualities, capabilities and characteristics of the person who is being recommended concerning his or her abilities to undertake a certain task. These are letters connected to job search, admission to institution of higher learning or scholarship suitability.

A recommendation letter should be written depending on the type of recommendation you are giving. Nevertheless, there are general elements that apply to each of the reference letters you have to write whether an employment reference, character reference or an academic reference. Writing recommendation letters may seem as a simple task as you are writing about a person that you know well. Nevertheless, in certain cases, you will be required to dig deep and ascertain more about the person especially if the letter is urgently needed.

Elements That Help Make an Outstanding Form for Recommendation Letter

Writing a recommendation letter is both a science and an art, and not many people are able to undertake the procedure effectively. This happens many times as they do not know the person to recommend enough to address the essential things that the recipients may treasure. Others do not know the suitable form for recommendation letter to stick by. To enjoy the recommendation letter writing procedure, it is a brilliant idea to look at a few elements of a good reference letter;

  • Overall impressions of the candidate and qualifications. Your letter must have a well-written introduction, which provides your overall impressions of the candidate and clarifies as to why you are the best person to write the letter. State how long you have known the person in question and your relationship with him or her.
  • A good recommendation letter should provide detailed description of the candidate’s capabilities, qualifications and skills to perform well as a worker or as a student. This honest, heartfelt and candid description of the person in question, depicts what makes him or her stand out from other job or college admission applicant.
  • A good form for recommendation letter should depict a piece written with confidence and credibility. The letter should be founded on tangible facts and experiences with the person in question. In case you are not able to provide positive recommendation, it is astute to let the candidate know in advance.
  • The employment recommendation letter should not be more than one page long. It is wise to also take note of your potential employer’s rules concerning recommendation letters. The college of choice may have policies regarding admission recommendation letters and ignoring these rules may automatically disqualify you.

When the time to write a recommendation letter comes, you may find it daunting or in one way amazing. Determining the form for recommendation letter will follow is a crucial step to consider as you get started. Due to the weight that recommendation letters carry in the college admission or job seeking process, it is a good idea to make sure that the letter carries every essential details.

The format, outline and general drafting of the letter should stand out. A well formatted and written recommendation expresses authority and competence, and this will influence the admission officer’s or employee’s standpoint. Hence, it is wise to make sure that if asked to write a reference letter, it is in the best form and has no grammar or spelling flaws.

Everything to Know Before Deciding On the Form for Recommendation Letter

Writing a recommendation letter for another person in need is a large responsibility and you have to be cautious in your undertakings. Besides knowing the candidate, you have to know what kind of information to come up with. The content that you have will make it easy to know the form that the letter will follow.

As a competent writer, do no wait until the last minute to determine what to include in your letter or the format to follow. Technology has made it easy to make letters look good at a glance thanks to templates and computer software, but many writers are still confused on the basics of suitable form for recommendation letter. These fundamentals are;

  • Length of the recommendation letter

The strength of the helpful relationship between the recommenders and college or job applicants impacts the favorability and the length of recommendation letters. The more details that the writer develops in the letter, the more it will be credible. This means that, the longer the letter will be in the suitable situations, the more it will give favor to the candidate in question, more so if the details are relevant. All this is possible if the writer is able to balance his or her know-how of the person in question. Any irrelevant content will make the letter lengthy and leave the applicant at a clear disadvantage.

  • Date and letterhead

The letterhead has to appear in the first page of the letter. In case they get separated, ensure you include numbers and date. The best letterheads are those of the college, department or other companies which you may be affiliated. In case you use letterheads such as those of personal stationery or inter-office memo, know that you may have weakened the letter’s credibility. Take caution always.

  • Address and greeting

Many writers have mixed perceptions when it comes to the kind of greetings to use in the letter or the manner they will address their letters. Some writers incorporate the target employer’s or admission committee’s address at the top left margin of the letter below the date and the letterhead. Others start with the greetings directed to the name of the person heading the company or committee. It is astute to make sure that the student or person in need of the letter gives you a name if possible. A generic greeting “To whom it may concern” is widely favored although some writers use archaic greetings such as “Dear Sir or Madam”.

  • Formatting and paragraph length of your letter

Many writers use the preferred font sizes between 10 and 12 and also standard publishing fonts that include Times New Roman and Century among others. The paragraph should always be reasonably short so as to enhance readability. Three to five paragraphs per page are suitable.

  • Closing your recommendation letter

This section requires a few words, but it requires lot of caution. Sign off with “Yours faithfully, truly or sincerely”, or something similar followed by a comma. Put your handwritten signature and then type your full names and job title directly beneath. To facilitate easy follow-up by the recipient of the letter, you can include your e-mail address or phone number.

Samples to Guide You on the Best Form for Recommendation Letter to Follow

You do not have to worry on how to write or format your recommendation letter, when it is easy to find sample letters. Your nearby library can offer the best books with well-written sample letters. Your tutor can also offer samples to use write great letters. Websites that offer writing services and assistances are easy to find these days, you can find one and download a number of samples and determine the best form for recommendation letter to adhere to as you write. Here a few samples to learn from;

  • On how to write the address and greeting section

May xx 20xx

Ms. Winfred Dash

Meteorological Society Branch


Dear Ms. Dash

In this part, the writer has dated his or her work, included the name of the recipient and opened the letter with greetings.

  • Introduction, body section

I am writing in passionate support for Kimber Amber for an internship. I have known Amber since she was as student in my program in Dynamic Meteorology 10 months ago. She was competent in my course and distinguished herself from other students by acquiring the highest grade in the class. She loves learning new things and one of those people who work hard and diligently. Amber strives for excellence in this area.

Amber’s knowledge of how the environment works was incomparable in my class. She performed well in forecasting test. Amber is also a leader, she held a position in the College Weather Service, a student-run union that offers weather information to radio stations in a number of states.

In this section; the writer has provided traits about the candidate that make her unique. He has given an account of his experiences with the candidate and all that has to be included in the letter of recommendation.

  • Conclusion and closing of the letter

Kimber Amber has a high caliber of character and exceptional meteorological expertise that makes her stand out. I warmly recommend her for an internship in your corporation. Feel free to contact me in case of further information.



Jack Fletcher

Instructor in Meteorology

In this section, the writer gives his final remarks and emphasizes on Amber’s abilities. He also includes his name, email, job title and signs the paper.

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