Florence Reed of Sustainable Harvest International: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Florence Reed of Sustainable Harvest International: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

            I attended an event on planting hope in Central America: planting reed and sustainable harvest international. The event took place at the Kennedy Union East Ballroom on December 2, 2014. From the event, I learned that the landscape of America has lush tropical forests. The subsistence farmers have continued to cut down forests. This has affected the farmers negatively, for example they are facing environmental degradation and cycle of poverty.
            The speakers from the international fund for agricultural development stated that poverty is one of the issues that affect about 50% of the Central American population. However, the Sustainable Harvest International has positively affected the region and reduced the level of poverty, particularly in the rural areas.
            From the event, I learned that Sustainable Harvest International has focused on improving the lives of rural populations and reducing deforestation. The organization trains its members on various sustainable farming practices that include worm composting, soil conservation, and intercropping.
            Furthermore, I discovered the mission of the organization as providing the farmers particularly those in Central America with necessary tools and training to preserve forests and curb poverty. Therefore, by attending the event, a person could learn the importance of forest conservation and the way deforestation contributes to poverty.
            Additionally, the event offered insight on the founder member Florence Reed. She was an active participant in Peace Corps, and this assisted her to discover the importance of preserving forests. The founder, in her speech during the event, reported some of the achievements of the organization, which include improving the incomes and the diets of its target population. There are trainers who work directly with the farmers from the Central America, thus ensuring a good harvest.
            Lastly, the organization offers the opportunity for individuals who want to work for the organization as volunteers.