Film and Theatre Studies Essay Paper Sample on Russian Movie

Russian Movie

            My participation in the presentation and learning activity was quite successful. First, this was an interesting topic to handle; the Soviet/ Russian culture. The movie we used was equally exciting making it easy for me to come up with a well done presentation. One of the main aims for giving a presentation is to ensure that students get clear knowledge on the topic that is being handled. To ensure that the students get clear knowledge on the Russian culture, I made use of several types of media. These included images and animations, which not only helped the students to remain glued to it during the presentation, but also to help them retain the knowledge that was being imparted.

My presentation was also interactive. This ensured that the students understood the Russian/ Soviet culture more clearly. My learning activity included the use of candies and various questions. This ensured that the students remained attentive to the culture in questions. The learning activity offered an interactive session with the students hence helping them to fully understand and relate with the culture in question.

            There are several lessons I received from preparing and delivering my presentation and the learning activity. During the preparation part for my presentation, I learnt that an effective presentation must make the best out of the presenter-audience relationship. I realized that it was essential for me to consider the audience needs so as to capture their interest as well as develop a deeper understanding of the subject or topic in question. I also learnt that having a well planned presentation inspires confidence in me as the presenter helping me to achieve my objectives.  During the process of presentation delivery, I learnt that my eye contact with the audience was vital since it ensured flow in communication. This also applied to the learning activity. I realized that having an interactive session enhanced the understanding of the audience.

            As I listened to the audience’s comments and the instructor’s feedback, I learnt that I did not maintain an eye contact with the audience, which was an essential factor to consider. One of the audience mentioned to me that eye contact was essential since it reflected confidence in a presenter. She also encouraged me to work on my eye contact since it would build my confidence before people by seeing their positive responses during my interaction with them. My instructors felt that it was important for me to make my Power point slides more detailed than they were for my future presentations.  

            If I were to present again, I would have several changes in my presentation and learning activity. First, I would improve on the way I use my time. Since my presentation took excess time, I would ensure that observe on the time I use on every slide and the learning activity. Given another chance, I would also ensure that my slides carry more informative data than the ones done. Since I have realized that my eye contact with the audience is wanting, I would get the chance to improve on it and ensure that I maintain eye contact with both my instructors and the audience. Lastly, I would make a different choice for my learning activity by choosing a more interactive and interesting activity. This will ensure that all individuals participate in the learning activity.