Film and Theater Studies Essay Paper on Under the same moon

Under the same moon

Illegal immigration has been an issue of concern in the recent years especially in countries such as the USA. Illegal immigrants have filled the US and this has brought so many problems to the government in terms of planning for its citizens among other problems. Though the US government is strongly against the practice, the immigrants do believe that it is only through the practice that they will survive as they are escaping either from war or other harsh conditions. The movie “Under the same moon” (La misma luna) tries to address the challenges that illegal immigrants go through and how the challenges can be solved.

In the movie, Rosario is a mother who illegally migrates to the US. Rosario’s viewpoint is that undocumented immigration to the US should not be opposed or done away with as it helps people escape from suffering and other harsh conditions from their countries. For instance, Rosario really missed her son, Carlitos, and the only way through which the two would have united was illegal migration. Thus, Carlitos would illegally migrate from Mexico to the US to meet his mum.

By illegally migrating to the US, Rosario benefits from her relationship to the US as she is lucky to get a job and sends money for sustenance to her son regularly. On the other hand, the US benefits from Rosario’s services.

In conclusion, illegal migration is helpful but also a burden at the same time. When illegal immigrants are in other countries, they provide labor and services which help in the growth of such countries. However, when it comes to planning, the illegal immigrants are often a burden as they are not counted among citizens. Besides, they result to drastic population increase and increase in other social vices in their new countries.