Expository Essay Examples

Expository Essay Examples

Good expository essay examples can make writing your expository essays easier. An expository essay is an essay that needs the writer to investigate a topic or idea then evaluate evidence, expound the idea and then come up with a concise and clear argument about that idea. To accomplish this, the writer can compare, contrast, analyze causes and effects or even give examples- owl.english.purdue.edu.

Basically, expository essays are written with an aim of informing, describing or explaining something. They are written around a topic that is developed by a single pattern or several patterns. While writing an expository essay, you should not assume that your reader has prior understanding or knowledge of your topic. The essay must also be organized clearly and the writer must have exposition skills- library.royalroads.ca.

What you should see in good expository essay examples

Great expository essay samples should include:

Descriptive writing

These are expository essay samples that are written with an aim of demonstrating the understanding and knowledge that the author has on a given topic. For instance, a writer can use this pattern when describing characteristics and features of something.

Examples of expository essays that take a descriptive pattern can be on topics like:

  • Your favorite holiday vacation
  • A famous person’s description
  • The best dinner that you have ever had

An example of an expository essay that uses a descriptive pattern is the one published by the English department in the University of Victoria on the topic, In search of thinnessweb.uvic.ca. In this essay, the writer describes what women go through just to be thin.

Cause and effect writing

A cause and effect type of an expository essay sample shows how events are related. Example of such an essay can be on a topic of Olympic Games as follows:

“There are many reasons why Olympic Games are attended or watched by many people on television. Tradition is among these reasons. People are reminded about the ancient games by the torch, the flame and Olympics. When people attend or watch these games they escape from the ordinary life. People like identifying with the accomplishment or sacrifice of other persons. Another reason is national pride because when a team or athlete wins, their victory becomes the victory of the entire country. The national medals are very important people always count the number of medals won by the athletes from their country.”

Such an essay states the effects of an event which is the Olympic Games that are attended or watched by many people on the people. Another example of an expository essay that takes the cause and effects pattern is the one on the topic, “last dance of Hedda Gabler” published by the University of Victory- web.uvic.ca.

How to or process writing

Expository essay examples that follow the how to or process pattern are a step-by-step guides for doing things. Such essays are detailed in order to give the readers all the information that they need to perform a task.

Examples of such essays can be on topics like:

  • How to construct a tree house
  • How to ride a bike for the first time
  • How to write an expository essay.

A sample of an expository essay that uses this pattern is the one on how to write an expository at the Purdue OWL website- owl.english.purdue.edu.

Problem and solution writing

This is the pattern that is followed by most expository essay examples. Such essay samples are based on a problem or problems and the solution or solutions. Example of an expository essay can be written on the topic of the expenses and large size of modern Olympics. These are the main problems that the organizers of these games encounter.

Such an essay can be developed as follows;

“The country or city that hosts the Olympic Games usually spends a lot of money in their preparation. This is because it must build pools, playing fields and stadium for the events. Housing is also required for the attending athletes. All the facilities are used during the time of the games only which can be two weeks. To solve this problem, some cities charge companies that wish to become the official Olympic Games sponsors a fee. Large companies such as McDonald’s pay money to be named as the sponsors of these games. The buildings that exist in the host cities or countries are also renovated and used to host the attending athletes. Fields like the universities and college playgrounds are used to host some of these games.”

In this expository essay sample, problems are stated and then solutions given. Thus, the reader can easily understand the problems of hosting Olympic Games and solutions that host cities or countries employ.

Compare and contrast writing

Expository essay examples that use the compare and contrast pattern usually discuss the similarities and differences of two or even more things. They show how the things being discussed are alike and different. In most cases, they use words like “in contrast”, “same as”, “different” and “on the other hand”. Example of an expository essay that follows this pattern is one that compares and contrast Twitter and Facebook- globalcompose.com.

Good expository essay examples should have the following:

There is a structure that holds expository essays together regardless of the pattern that they take- owl.english.purdue.edu. This structure is what makes the best samples of expository essays. Consider this structure when looking for sample essays to use as your guide for writing an expository essay.

The best samples of expository essays should be:

  • Concise, clear and defined

This implies that they should have a clear thesis statement that acts as the writing guide for the author. This makes writing a well-organized essay easy.

  • Logical and clear in terms of transitions

From the introduction to the conclusion, the information should depict a logical idea, information or thoughts’ progression. This makes it easier for the reader to follow the argument that the author develops around the given topic.

  • Supported by adequate evidence

Every paragraph of the body should support the thesis statement with logical, factual, anecdotal or statistical data. The entire essay should maintain logical connection with the stated thesis statement.

  • Written in a creative manner

This may not be associated with expository essays but it is important. Good expository essay examples do not stick to a formulaic nature. They should use some creativity in order to create a lasting impression for the reader.

  • Concluded properly

Great expository essay samples have good conclusions. Good conclusions have thesis statements restated and readdressed in the light of the provided evidence. Such conclusions leave the readers with lasting impressions because they are logical and effective. No new information is introduced in the conclusions of the best examples of expository essays. Instead, the discussed information is synthesized and a logical conclusion reached on the basis of the information that was presented within the paragraphs of the body.

  • Based on a conclusive argument

The main argument or point of an expository essay should be explained and developed properly. For instance, if the expository essay topic was on the causes and effects of the Great Depression, the essay should have the introductory paragraph, the body or middle and the conclusion. In such an essay, the introductory paragraph should provide a definition and brief overview of the Great Depression. The middle or body of the essay should be about its effects while the end paragraphs would conclude the discussion.

Questions that good expository essay examples should answer

There are several questions that should be answered by a good sample of an expository essay.

These are:

  • What is it?

To answer this question, the essay sample should set a context by providing general information regarding the main point and explaining it clearly.

  • So what?

In answering this question, a good expository essay sample should state the importance of the main point, idea or topic.

  • What should the reader do?

To answer this question, good expository essay examples provide a research question that is answered in the body paragraphs. This is followed by the overview of different sources that the author explored before writing the essay.

If the samples of expository essays that you come across do not answer these questions, they are not suitable for you to use as your writing guide.

It’s our hope that from the above guidelines, writing great expository essays will not be a problem.

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