Explain What has Changed for you Regarding these Goals and What has Stayed the Same?


  1. Explain what has changed for you regarding these goals and what has stayed the same?

Before I joined SNHU, I had purposed to get good grades when I join university and make my parents feel appreciated for their effort to sponsor my education. Later, when I enrolled and joined SNHU, I must say that I was amazed at the nature of most students. They are focused, have a sense of belonging and union of purpose. Some of my friends that I made at this university have been influential in my academic life. They have enabled and kept me in check with my academic goals. The goals have changed a bit, but about 80% of what I wanted has remained the same. They offered me new ways to maneuver around the academic challenges, find more detailed approaches and methods to achieve the same or exceed the set goals. 

  1. How have these goals influenced your academic and personal life since starting at SNHU?

The goals have been influential in my academic and personal life. The need to embrace teamwork for the common good of members of my cliques has enabled me to be more interactive and social. It has increased my ability to blend in well with others, which is complementary to social skills. Through academic discussions and brainstorming, my grades have improved tremendously as I have incorporated some of the reasoning and analyzing skills in the paper.

  1. What are your goals for this semester and subsequent ones and what strategies will you use in fulfilling them?

I will be actively involved in games, sports, and activities that the school engages in the community. Later, I plan to join the leadership of SNHU and represent the affairs of the students in a more engaging platform. There are certain strategies that I have taken towards that including sports and games to increase my social circles and networks. Second, the involvement in community service and giving back to the community will form good grounds to get public attention that is instrumental when it comes to transitioning into leadership.