Examples of Thesis Statements for Essays

Great Examples of Thesis Statements for Essays

Get the best examples of thesis statements for essays

Before looking at examples of thesis statements for essays, it is important to first of all, understand what a thesis statement is. This kind of statement:

  • Tells a reader how they should interpret significance of the matter that is under discussion
  • Provides a road map for writing the paper. In short, a thesis statement tells a reader what they should expect from the paper.
  • It answers directly the question you are asked. A thesis statement is interpretation of a subject or a question and not a subject itself.
  • It claims what others dispute.
  • Usually, a thesis statement can be found in the first paragraph presenting your argument. The other sections of the paper cover the body, organizes and gathers evidence that persuades a reader of the logic you use in your interpretation.

Typically, examples of thesis statements for essays take the format of A is B attributed to C. In order to write an effective statement, you must have an idea of how to write one. For instance, in the case of the thesis on Top Priorities for the Government to Focus On, the thesis statement is “Prioritizing the issues offers the government a great chance of making the US a better place for citizens because with its limited resources, it can be quite difficult to handle all the issues at the same time”.

This thesis statement should be followed by an explanation. In this case, it means the paper should:

  • Highlight what these issues that need prioritizing are.
  • Provide insights into how the issues need to be approached.
  • State why these issues cannot be ignored.
  • Highlight policies that the government can use to honor its pledges to the people.

What to consider while picking thesis statements for essays you will refer to

There are numerous other examples of thesis statements for essays. Note that these should be written in a persuasive manner in order to convince readers into buying the ideas you are supporting.

There are 4 important aspects you need to consider while writing your thesis statement and these include the fact that it needs to:

  • Pick a side
  • Be focused
  • Debatable
  • Make a claim

Here are the major aspects of good thesis statements for essays you need to apply:

Pick a side

While writing an essay, it is important to pick a side. When handling a topic, you cannot argue on both sides. Therefore, while writing your essay, determine the position you are going to take.

Example 1

Do not write, “Secondhand smoke has detrimental effects such as causing cancer and heart disease; therefore smoking in public places ought to be outlawed though this would be unfair to smokers so, non-smokes should wear masks or hold their breath while around smokers”.

This is not a good thesis statement and it will leave your reader puzzled. You must take a stand therefore, pick your side and stick to it. Ideally, your thesis statement should be, “Secondhand smoke is quite as harmful as smoking leading to high prevalence of heart disease and cancer. What is more, people who inhale this smoke do so without their consent. As such, public smoking should be outlawed”.

With such examples of thesis statements for essays, it should be easy for you to structure well thought out thesis statements that compel your readers to read more.

Good examples of thesis statements for essays are debatable

While writing your thesis, make sure it is debatable.

Example 2

You should not write, “The number of homeless people living in Berkeley California is high”. Such a statement does not arouse any cause of debate. It is a fact and it ends the topic on that as there is nothing more to say.

The thesis statement you write instead should be “People who are homeless in Berkley should be able to access services like regular food donations, camping facilities and public restrooms. This will help improve their lives as well as those of people living in the city”

The latter is a debatable thesis as opponents can make the argument that the homeless people are already receiving more than they should.

Focused and concise

While writing your thesis, it is of great importance to remain focused. It is not advisable to argue on a topic that is very broad. If this happens, chances are you will end up confused and not certain about the direction your paper is going to take.

In the essay the Holocaust, the author uses precision and conciseness by writing “The holocaust was a clear indication that the enemy of man is man himself. For example, many things changed when Hitler took over as the chancellor. They changed from bad to worse which led to this tragedy that was called the Holocaust. Various people were targeted by this tragedy”.

Therefore, while writing your thesis statement, do not write “Consumption of fast food is bad and should be avoided”. Instead you are supposed to narrow your argument down and write, “Consumption of fast food should be eliminated because it leads to serious health complications such as heart disease, diabetes and other health issues that are expensive yet, preventable”.

Narrowing down your thesis statement gives it more weight and makes it easy for the reader to identify with your topic and keep on reading to the end.

A good thesis should be supported in the paper

The claim you make is crucial in building up your essay. Therefore, it is important to come up with a thesis statement that you can support in the process of writing your paper. In this case, you should not write “Humans are supposed to relocate to Mars”. Such a statement does not have supporting claims. There are things you need to consider such as why they should move to mars and the benefits of doing so yet the planet does not have any trees or oxygen.

Instead, the writer should write “Earth cannot be saved, humans must set an immediate date to relocate to mars where with proper planning they will evade issues of global warming, famine and war”. Such a thesis statement will leave the reader wondering what kind of approach you intend to use in order to maintain your stance.

Good examples of thesis statements for essays

Now that you already know some of the things you need to avoid while writing your thesis statement, let us look at some ideal examples.

In the essay “Tourism in Natural Disaster Affected Regions”, the thesis statement is “As such, tourism activities have a risky nature and the affected areas have led to a debate that attempts to determine whether tourism activities ought to be encouraged in such places. Tourism activities in the regions affected by natural disasters are supported by this essay as long as the application of appropriate precautions is done to avert danger that might affect human life as well as to ensure that all affected regions benefit from these activities”.

In the essay, the writer is supposed to:

  • Highlight why regions affected by natural disasters depend on income from tourism activities
  • Highlight some of the recovery efforts used by governments
  • Indicate how tourism changes the lives of the locals.

In the essay Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power, you also find a well written thesis statement that guides you through the process of writing one. The thesis is “This study explains how energy is produced through use of wind turbines as well as the pros and cons of using wind power”.

This means that in the process of writing the essay, the author must explain the processes that are used in the production of energy through use of wind turbines, explain the major modern wind turbines as well as the equipment used. To cap it all, the author should be able to share the advantages and disadvantages of using that form of energy.

NB: The thesis statement should be more than your guidance to writing an excellent essay. It is supposed to guide your reader by letting them know what the essay is all about. The body and conclusion of your essay should be a reflection of your thesis statement. We have the skills and competency to help you craft the perfect thesis statement within the shortest time possible.

Where you can find examples of thesis statements for essays

If you would want to read some great examples of thesis statements for essays to refer to, read some of these amazing essays.

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