Examples of Good Thesis Statements in High School

Examples of Good Thesis Statements in High School

When you have examples of good thesis statements in high school, writing essays with captivating thesis statements becomes easier. A thesis statement refers to the sentence that gives a summary of the main points of an essay or a paper while previewing the supporting points- owl.english.purdue.edu. Usually, a thesis statement comes as the last sentence in the introduction of a paper or essay.

There are times when a thesis statement is in form of two sentences. In that case, the first sentence identifies the main points while the second sentence identifies the supporting points. Nevertheless, whether a single sentence or two sentences, a thesis statement should be clear and it should be included in the introduction. This ensures that readers understand the main points of the work and what they should expect from the entire work.

Characteristics of examples of good thesis statements in high school

When looking for examples of thesis statements to use as your thesis statement writing guides, there are certain attributes that you should consider. These are characteristics of good thesis statements- bestessayservices.com.

They include:

  • Examples of good thesis statements in high school should be focused

While writing an academic paper or essay, you should be focused. Your thesis statement should depict this to the reader. As such, do not use a thesis statement that depicts your essay or paper as being overly broad. This will make you unsure of the purpose of the paper or essay and even confuse you while writing. For instance, a thesis statement like “fast foods should not be eaten” is too broad and general and defending it might be impossible. One can ask, are all fast foods bad? Why? Who ought to avoid them? Why is it important to care about fast food?

In such a topic, the best example of a thesis statement would be, “fast foods consumption should be avoided by Americans because it causes expensive and preventable health issues that include obesity, heart diseases and diabetes”. Such an example of a thesis statement is focused because it is narrow and it indicates health effects of fast foods. It also focuses on the Americans instead of all people in the world. This is because there are different people in the world and some of them need fats and starches that are in most fast foods.

  • Debatable

Examples of good thesis statements ought to be tentative. This implies that good examples of good thesis statements in high school allow writers to take positions that can be opposed or challenged. A sentence that just states the facts that cannot be disagreed with is simply giving a summary instead of a thesis statement- writingcenter.unc.edu. Therefore, look for a thesis statement that is debatable. For instance, a sentence like, “there are many homeless people in California” is not a thesis statement. This is because it cannot form a basis of any argument since it is simply not debatable but a mere statement of a fact. As such, while writing a high school essay or paper on such a topic, a good example of a thesis statement should be “homeless individuals in California ought to be allowed access to different services including food donations, camping facilities and public restrooms since this would enhance the life of every inhabitant of California.”

Such example of a thesis statement is debatable because opponents can argue that there are adequate services that are already being given to homeless people in California and that they are looking for luxurious services. They can also argue that homeless people do not deserve any of these services.

  • Good examples of thesis statements take side

On reading an example of a thesis statement, you should know the position of the writer on a given topic. This implies that examples of good thesis statements in high school should express the major idea of a paper or essay. Readers should tell the main point that will be discussed or defended in the work by simply reading its thesis statement. For instance, a thesis statement like “firms should exploit the internet marketing potential and the web pages may offer both customer support and advertising” does not take sides and therefore it is not a good example of a thesis statement. The best example of a thesis statement for such a topic can be, “since there are tremendous potentials of marketing on the internet, firms need to exploit them through the use of web pages because they provide customer support and advertising.” This thesis statement shows the relationship between the two ideas. It is also clear since it uses words like, “because” and “since”. Thus, the reader can easily tell that the author supports the idea of exploiting internet marketing potentials by the firms and why this is necessary.

  • Answer the “so what?” question

Examples of good thesis statement in high school should show why one should care. A reader should not ask “so what?” after reading your thesis statement. This could be due to the fact that the thesis statement of your work does not show the relationship or connection between issues. For instance, a statement like, “there are several positive and negative aspects of green tea supplements” does not answer the “so what?” question. In such a topic, example of a good thesis statement can be, “although green tea supplements have several benefits such as supporting weight loss due to lean muscle loss, they pose potential danger to the user that will be discussed in this essay”.

  • Should be supported by the rest of the paper or essay

A good example of a thesis statement is supported by the content of the other parts of the essay or paper- indiana.edu. After reading the entire paper or essay, readers should agree that you have answered the prompt question by formulating and justifying arguments around the thesis statement. For instance, if a thesis statement of an essay or paper is, “hunger continues in Africa due to famine and jobs scarcity”, the paper should provide adequate information or data to support this thesis statement. The rest of the paper should support this thesis statement without wandering. The information should also be pieced together in a way that one can easily tell that while writing, the author had this thesis statement in mind.

Examples of good thesis statements in high school

Finding examples of good thesis statements is not easy for high school students.

Here are some of the examples of good thesis statements for respective topics:

Topic: Vaccinations ought to be mandatory

Thesis statement: Almost 40 percent of parents in America do not vaccinate their babies because of different unfounded fears. As such, vaccinations against ailments like rubella, mumps and polio ought to be made mandatory for all babies or children in America because they are critical in controlling and eradicating such infectious diseases.

Topic: Government surveillance should be prohibited

Thesis statement: There is more harm that is caused by government surveillance. It invades the civil liberties while making innocent individuals suffer unnecessary and unfair punishment. It also does not protect citizens that it purports to safeguard. As such, programs like PRISM of NSA ought to be discontinued.

Topic: Cyber bullying should be fought by school officials

Thesis statement: Bullying has gone past the school precincts and now is in the cyberspace. Although aggression acts occur outside the school, school officials ought to be allowed to punish students who bully others in the cyberspace.

Once you have read examples of good thesis statements, you should be able to:
  • Create your own thesis statement with ease
  • Write a premium essay or paper around your thesis statement
  • Write good thesis statements on different topics
  • Have your thesis statements approved by your peers and teachers
  • Identify a thesis statement in other people’s work with ease

Using examples to learn how to write your thesis statement is very important because your reader or teacher expects you to have clear thesis statements in your high school essays or papers. Therefore, consider how the aspects of clarity and focus come out in every example of a thesis statement that you read. Also make them your priority while writing your own thesis statements. The central argument or idea of your paper or essay should come out clearly in your thesis statements. Additionally, be aware of the disagreements and difficulties that you are likely to face from the reader so that you can come up with a debatable thesis statement- writing.utoronto.ca.

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