Example of an Essay about Yourself

Example of an Essay About Yourself

Writing a personal essay can be deceptive but when you have a good example of an essay about yourself, this task becomes easier. An essay about you or a personal essay can be described as a self-expression device. It is an essay that represents your thoughts, your feelings and efforts to communicate them to others without making efforts towards objecting them – grammar.ccc.commnet.edu.

All essays are in some ways personal but a purely personal essay there is no any type of concealment that the presented opinion is yours. You do not have a mask of your objectivity in this essay.

How to write a great personal essay using an example of an essay about yourself

Even if you have never written one, there will be a time when you will be required to write an essay about yourself. You might find this task deceptive because it requires you to write about what you know in and out. At first, you might think that this is an easy task but it is not. You are bound to face challenges in determining the best ways of conveying messages in the best and right way possible.

Using a good personal essay sample enables you to write about the subject that you know without sounding too boring or too conceited. A good sample essay will enable you to determine the message to convey through the essay as well as the structure of the essay. An essay about you should offer readers something worth reading and using a sample essay enables you to determine what to share with readers about you.

Use a good personal essay sample

It is easy to find a sample of a personal essay online but not all sample essays are good. As such, choose and use an example of an essay about yourself that is easy to read, follow and understand. An ideal sample should also strike a balance between personal experiences, views and observations of the writer that are shared with readers and what is not shared with the readers. When writing a personal essay, you are not required to bombard readers with information about your personal life. You are required to have a specific goal in mind which is to shed light into your life using specific, few experiences, views and observations.

The goal that you accomplish with a personal essay depends on the purpose of writing it. You can write an essay about yourself as part of your college application, scholarship application or as a course writing assignment. Therefore, focus your personal essay towards accomplishing that particular goal. Similarly, look for a personal essay sample that serves that particular purpose and use it as your writing guide.

Content and presentation

How you write an essay about yourself depends on its purpose. For instance, you can be asked to write an essay about yourself while addressing a specific topic from your own perspective. This implies that you should include examples from your life experiences in supporting the main ideas of your personal essay. In that case, you should include relevant content and present it in a way that enables readers to get a grasp of your personality and abilities. Thus, the essay that you write can be seen as an interview. As such, a good sample of a personal essay should use first person expression to make it sound personal.

Sections of a good example of an essay about yourself

A good personal essay sample should have three major sections just like other essays.

These are:

  • The introduction

This is the first paragraph of the essay that catches the attention of the reader while making them want to read the rest of the essay. The introduction of a good personal essay sample should be written in a creative manner. It can start with a quote or any other way that will capture the attention and interest of the readers.

  • The body

This can have several paragraphs and it is the main part of the essay. It tells readers about the story of the writer, their life, accomplishments as well as future plans or goals. The writer of a good personal essay should be sincere when writing this section of the essay and speak from his/her heart. While writing your personal essay, make sure that you are not too wordy. Instead, try to keep the body short- mvc.edu.

  • Conclusion

This is the section that sums up the entire essay. However, the way a conclusion is written differs on the basis of the purpose of the personal essay. For instance, the conclusion of a personal essay for a scholarship application can include expression of gratitude to the reviewing committee or donors for reading the essay. This cannot be the case for a personal essay that is written as part of the coursework.

Throughout the essay, strive to include relevant information only. Also ensure that your essay is interesting and that it flows smoothly- writingcenter.unc.edu.

Example of an essay about yourself to guide you in writing your personal essay

My name is John Martin. I am a self-motivated male aged 25 years old. I am a bright student with the ability to work even under stressful situations. As a qualified professional with vast knowledge in Agricultural sciences, I have become used to serving clients for long hours. My motivation comes from serving my clients.


In addition to my Agronomy Master’s qualification from Punjab Agricultural University, I also hold Bioinformatics masters as well as a Master’s Diploma in the Environmental Sciences.

I have scored good grades throughout my academic life and that is how I won a scholarship to study in Punjab Agriculture University.


I am interested in surfing the internet because this keeps me updated on the latest developments in my professional field. I think I have a basic instinct of always exploring and learning. Since I was a child, reading has always been my hobby. During the weekend, I spend most of my free time reading newspapers, science journals and magazines.

I am also interested in learning human nature due to its diversity and unpredictability. I like studying the way different individuals respond to various situations. I find this interesting because it enables me to learn a lot regarding different aspects of the personality of various people.

I am also interested in shopping because this entails exploring different products and reading adverts that marketers use to woo buyers into choosing their products.


I am a sensitive, thoughtful and self-contained person. There are times when I cannot hide emotions though I exercise control over my emotions. I am also very creative and this enables me to deal with different problems in life.

I am a good researcher with knowledge and experience in writing papers in different formats. I have also written several research papers. Additionally, I am a good observer and this keeps me updated on what is happening around me.


I intend to further my studies in Environmental sciences. I want to have a Doctorate degree in Environmental Sciences and also acquire important field skills.

You can find more samples of personal essays here.

Format of a sample essay about yourself

In most cases, personal essay samples use Modern Language Association or MLA formatting. However, this essay can be written in a different format to make reviewing it easier. The margins of a good sample essay should be 2.54 centimeters or 1 inch around the pages. The sentences should be double-spaced with five single-spaces indenting or one tab. However, there are experts who recommend the use of two spaces between sentences. Times New Roman 12 is the standard font for writing personal essays.

Important tips to remember

A good personal essay sample should have a unique voice, structure, and tone as well as word choice. It should reveal the background of the writer and their personality. Additionally, it should reveal the hobbies and interests of the writer, his/ her achievements, and goals. However, all these should be aimed at enabling the writer to accomplish the goal of writing the personal essay.

When using a sample personal essay to write yours, choose a sample that serves a purpose that is similar to what you want to accomplish with your essay. Always have your intended audience in mind. If for instance you are writing a personal essay to be reviewed by a university admission board, use an academic and professional tone. However, the tone should show that you are the author of the essay. Despite being a formal essay, do not avoid personalizing the essay because you are writing about yourself. The best way of ensuring that you have communicated your message using the right language, tone and words is having someone else read the essay. Finally, check your essay against the best example of an essay about yourself to determine if you have written an excellent piece.

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