Essay Writing Help on Unethical Behaviors in Organizations

Unethical Behaviors in Organizations

The News article “American Apparel Posted its new ethics code – and it, dense” by Hillary Burns (2015), the company has highlighted a number of codes of ethics that are geared towards the protection of the individual employees rights. As explained, these new codes of the apparel company are supposed to clarify, update and enhance the descriptions of the standards of conduct expected by all directors, officers and employees (Hillary, 2015). In relation to the weekly reading, “Business Ethics: How to Design and Manage Ethical Organizations” the company has established practical and theoretical instructions on the creation of a high integrity and superior performance organization (Collins, 2012).

The key term, ethics in this case, is used to define the standard of quality in line with the organization performances. Ali (2015), in the Daily Independent; Professional Ethics and Discipline of Lawyer describes how for public personalities such lawyer, ethical practices and discipline are inevitable. He reiterates that lawyers are officers in the temple of justice and before instilling discipline on other individuals they should lead by example (Yusuf, 2015). As Collins explains in the daily reading, ethics and discipline are interconnected and to some extent one would never be enough without the other. Ethical developments instill discipline in individuals just like it is most likely that a well mannered person would follow into the appropriate codes of ethics (Collins, 2012).

Conclusively, business, professionalism and ethics work hand in hand. Codes of ethics are guiding factors in every business or organizational activities and in essence, organizations and companies should formulate realistic frameworks that take into account techniques that develop working environments that reinforce ethical behaviors among employees, students and all the professionals in every field of operations.


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