Essay Writing Help on Understanding God’s Word

Understanding God’s Word

I agree with the statement that God’s word is quite difficult to understand because, even after reading about how God created the world through the word, people still have doubts about it. Human beings have a tendency of not believing in predictions until they witness the real action. Even in the history of the Bible, people did not believe in the prophets’ messages because they did not comprehend God’s word through the prophets. I support the work of prophets in the Bible, because what they predicted came to be. People may not believe much in history, but the Bible contains gathered articles that were written by inspired people. It is not easy to understand God’s message without seeking an interpretation from Church leaders.

It is through word that humans believe that God exists. No one has seen God, but we believe He exists through word. In the Old Testament, God utilized prophets to pass His message. This is because prophets were capable of predicting future occurrences and advise people to change their behaviors to evade God’s wrath. According to Karban, it is presumed that God awarded gifts to each faithful community by having intelligent people around, who could reveal His intricacies and deliver His intended message. If anyone could claim that the coming of Jesus was not prophesied, then there is no need to have a Bible. Prophets have been helpful to communities as they expressed God’s will through Scriptures and actions. One of the Old Testament prophets was Jeremiah. His close relationship with God did not go well with the people of Jerusalem.

People do not want to relate to everyday’s occurrence to God’s word. Jeremiah went through a difficult time when he endeavored to express God’s will to people. He was extremely frustrated that people could not understand his words regardless of His close relationship with God. He sacrificed his time to time to an extent of remaining unmarried, so that he could focus on what God wanted for His people. This kind of sacrifice is rare in today’s world, as people are so much involved with their earthly responsibilities. However, people abused Jeremiah and labeled him a traitor. Unfortunately, things that the prophets predicted came to happen in their absence, and people could do nothing to change.

The Biblical prophets urged people to follow God’s command and not to dwell much on their own perceptive. Some of the things that the prophets forebode may take too much time to happen, but this does not mean that God is a liar. There is no reassurance that they would happen. If people could change their wicked ways, then God could opt to change his actions.

Jesus’ teachings were predictive, but many people could not understand them because they hated the truth. His teaching was quite different from what Jeremiah used to teach because he was not a prophet, but God’s son. He told his followers that whoever aspires to be with him in his father’s house must die with him first. By telling people to deny themselves and take up the cross, Jesus meant that people should accept their mistakes, leave the past life, and start a new spiritual life. However, many people wondered how one could carry the cross, yet the cross was associated with death. Referring to Jesus as a prophet, instead of the Messiah was another way of evading the truth.  It seem like people had a way of making God’s word appear vague or difficult to comprehend because what he used to do was already prophesied in the Old Testament.

Jesus was a divined being, which made people fail to understand him. The Jews referred to him as a prophet since they had doubt against him being the promised Messiah. Jesus knew his destiny, hence, did not fear their reactions. People exercised their rational thoughts, which contradicted God’s message. Paul knew that spiritual gifts and love are essential in assisting people to acknowledge God’s prophesies. People need not to understand every word that comes from God, but being obedient is critical in knowing what God wants. Paul encouraged Romans by emphasizing on renewal of minds to recognize God’s will. By renewing their minds, people can distinguish the real prophets from the false ones, as in today’s world is full of temptation.  If people continue to perceive the prophets as normal men, they may not believe in the message they try to pass.

Ordinary people have a problem in understanding God’s word because they are incapable of verifying what prophets conveyed to them. The prophets in Old and New Testament witnessed this from the people they were supposed to deliver God’s message. For those Christians who have known the truth, they should not argue as scientists concerning God’s word. Spiritual knowledge is unverifiable, thus, Christians should be aware not everyone could believe in their spiritual powers.  Human beings tend to rely too much on their own understanding of the world’s happening, and forget that God is in control of every activity on Earth. The strange occurrences in the world have made human beings not to seek God’s will in the right way. Once a Christian discovers his/her divinity, he/she should never look back.

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