Essay Writing Help on The Three Functions Used In Device Seizure

The Three Functions Used In Device Seizure


                    Device seizure is sure truth that technological advancements have made it easier for people to stay clear of techno-bandits. Three functions were used in the celebrity stalking case and all of them proved equally important.

                     One of the tools used was the mobile internal acquisition tool. The function was to analyze the sites that were visited by the stalker and to find the device owner. This helped in identifying the device used in stalking. Acquisition tool enables investigators to identify the model and device number being used by the perpetrators. In this case the owner was found to be Walter King.Sites visited were several and they helped in the seizure process. The second function that was applied is hex editor for extracting images from the device. It focused on memory management which led to the discovery of seventeen pictures belonging to the celebrity (Goh, 2013). The third function was the user interface where the content of the screen were saved by capturing them using camera devices. Pictures of these pages that were visited by the stalker were used as evidence in the case. Interface increases the possibility of coming up with a proper report since evidence is collected using sophisticated software’s.

                        Importance of the Functions in Forensics Analysis of the Mobile Device    

                  Mobile internal acquisition tool is extremely important in this case because it provided the information about the device used. In addition, it led to insight about the intentions of the stalkers through his actions of site visits. Hex editor on the other hand is extremely useful in coming up with a comprehensive forensics report since it facilitates the process of recovering pictures from the device. User interface is one of the functions that are very supportive to the investigators. This is because of the fact that user interface enables the investigator to discover the intentions of the stalker by taking pictures of the screen. Researchers use this function to make crucial decisions concerning user’s motives.


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