Essay Writing Help on The Impact of Workers on Quality Management

The impact of workers on quality management


Ensuring that management in organizations is quality could lead successful transformation in the organization. To show the logic of this statement, a case study will be conducted in Indian Railways. The study will be aiming at addressing the problem whether quality management could be used to bring some transformation in an organization. The researcher will go through the Indian bureaucracy to determine whether quality management will suit it. More specifically, the researcher will use Indian Railways. The study will also aim at developing a better understanding about ISO 9000:2000 model. In understanding the model, the researcher will be able to know if the framework used by the model could create an accommodation some transition that a firm can undergo provided quality management is maintained.

The study will be conducted due to various reasons. To begin with, in most countries in the western region of the globe, quality management has been ignored and thus the rate of implantation in the region is low. Though most organizations have been operating for more than 30 years, they have not implemented quality management effectively (Kumar, 2005). These organizations are aware of the necessary platforms to implement quality management but they face the challenge of creating an atmosphere that would put the factors into reality. They lack the knowledge that they would use in creating an ample environment to implement the factors due to little studies that have been conducted concerning the issue. Many organizations have also failed to incorporate employees in the low levels. The study will be of significant because it will provide some informing knowledge to the private sector, which has been the most affected by inadequate information concerning quality management. Implementing bureaucracies has been based on those whose foundation is based on little research.

Research methodology

The study will incorporate a qualitative research that will help in obtaining relevant information to solve the problem stated. The study will be conducted on Indian Railways, specifically on a level that is doctoral. The concept that will paid attention to is of an internal consumer as it will be easy for the researcher to focus on intra-improvement level improvement. The operations of the organization and the culture valued by Indian people will be obtained through going through the literature review. Some questionnaires will be issued to respondents, who will be the parties that have had a close relationship with the organization. Some of the respondents will include directors, employees, supervisors and customers. Surveys will be conducted on different divisions and sectors found in the organization. This will help in getting information about the impact that ISO 9000 model has had on the units.

Information that will be obtained from the surveys as well as the responses given by respondents will help in determining the steps to take to improve quality management in organizations. To begin with the study will use the responses to give an explanation about the process that the frameworks of the ISO 9000 model develops to describe culture in the organization as well as in India. Understanding the organizational culture of Indian Railways will help in creation of an atmosphere that will propel quality management implementation. Any changes that will be identified, that need to be changed will have to be passed through a process of three stages; the input stage, processing stage and the output stage.

Data analysis

One of the advantages on the study is that it will be conducted using models that have already been developed and those developed them approved them to be effective. Though implementing quality management will require a framework that will be designed to meet the expectations in the private sector also, the researcher will incorporate in the study the public sector. To create a better understanding visually, statistical data will be represented in tables and other graphical illustrations. After comparing the implementation techniques in both the private and the public sectors, the study will then apply argumentative approaches to discuss aspects that differ between the two sectors. This will be easy because the methodology that will be used to conduct the research is appropriate.  The literature review will provide information about the private unit while the study will help in obtaining information about those units in the public sector.

 The study does not only maintain appropriateness, but it uses only one center for its study, thus it is specificity has been maintained also. It will be assumed that information obtained for Indian Railways will apply to all other public firms in other regions in the western region of the globe. The only similarity that will be required is that the firms will have to be facing the problem of implementing quality management in their operations. Specifically the firms will be required to be facing a challenge in employees resisting changes during the process of transformation. Other challenges that organization will be required to be facing include maintenance of good quality products. Form the response, the researcher will then make an n evaluation of the value that is created to employees and the customers when quality management is improved.


Kumar, M. (2005). Total Quality Management as the stasis for Organizational Transformation of            Indian Railways: A Study in Action Research. Boston, Mass : Southern Cross University.