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Team Debate

            Due to the efforts made by nurses towards ensuring the betterment of the health statuses of patients in healthcare facilities, it is time that the society appreciates the nurses’hard work. In this case, administrative bodies have the responsibility of enhancing the safety of nurses during their service (Kelly&Tazbir, 2013). Such efforts will be beneficial towards improving the health care level in the society. The improvements can be accredited to the various nursing and healthcare bills introduced by the congress. For instance, the  staffing for patient safety and quality care act of 2011 was formulated for the purpose of improving the working environment of nurses in the United States of America(Kelly&Tazbir, 2013).

            The act was aimed at increasing the number of nurses serving in various healthcare facilities in the country. Thus, the requirements of the act were that each healthcare facility should have a threshold in terms of the nurse-patient ratio (Institute of Medicine, 2011). The importance of the act would be thatefficiency in the provision of nursing services would be improved owing to the idea that the effectiveness of the nurses would be enhanced. The requirements of the bill would also have the implication of the prevention of medication errors, which might arise due to lack of enough nursing personnel(Institute of Medicine, 2011).

            A number of stakeholders have involved themselves in the journey towards the achievement of the set goals of the nursing bill. For instance, the American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) has taken part in selling insurance coverage plans tocitizens all over the American continent(Institute of Medicine, 2011). The trade association also advocates for the betterment of the nursing and healthcare standards within the society.

            In summary, it is prudent that having a larger and accomodatablenurse to patient ration improves the safety and effectiveness of the healthcare services in the healthcare sector. Thus, it is important to implement bills supporting the idea, such as the staffing for patient safety and quality care act of 2011.


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