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Self Assessment

A job is basically an activity carried out by an individual with the aim of earning money, while a career is a series of connected opportunities where individuals build up skills from earlier employment opportunities to improve their application. The major difference between them is the amount of education that one will need in order to obtain a position. In a career, there is probably need for some typical formal education, whether it’s an associate degree or a master’s degree, and on the other hand, a job may not need precise educational requirements or experience. A career can also be defined as an area of work that an individual chooses to focus on more regardless of how long they have worked. One can build his/her career over the time based on the jobs held.

Having lost some motivation in my career in the US Army, and considering the experience I have earned in my seven years of service, I intend to change my career for one in the Federal Government. In essence, having served that long in my current job, it has become a career regardless of the formal education I have had in the field. In other words, careers can generally be built through experience as well.

According to Donald Super’s self-concept theory, individual self concept transforms over a period of time and enlarges with experience gained through the period. In Super’s theory, Self-Concept refers to what we believe about ourselves, our personal attributes, and who and what we are. Operating in the US Army for seven years has granted me much exposure and significant experience in the Army operations, making me a professional in the field and thus making the army my career.  In this respect, my career level falls in the Establishment stage. I have a feeling that I have gained enough experience to earn recognition as a serviceman in the US Army; it is thus the best position to advance my career to higher levels. It is in this stage that Donald reiterates that individuals build their skills to consolidate careers and engage in professional membership to advance their careers. The most important values for my career satisfaction include genuineness, empathy, and unconditional positive regard. These would help to strengthen my relationships with others and build lasting rapports within the career. My MBTI Type is the Explorer ISFP; this is because I possess the zeal to learn more and explore more opportunities. It is my mainly appreciated strength through the career. My Holland type on the other hand, is enterprising, considering my persuasive nature and the urge for leadership.

My projected career requires a high sense of skill; thus, the experience and skills gained in my seven year operation will be very vital in developing a standard career achievement. I would employ magnificent technical skills that are intensively imparted on individuals in the Army; I would also apply clerical skills, and where possible, administrative skills. Through my career advancement, my greatest ambition is to attain high levels in the administration of the Federal government; hence, I would strive tirelessly to develop my administrative skills. Just like the skills gained in the US Army through experience and interaction with other professionals, I would gain these skills and develop them further by continual practice. The Technical and Social service areas of the world of work map seem to best suit my potential and interests in career development; however, the Administration and Sales, as well as the Science and Technology areas, are my most interesting skills marked for exploration and research. In summary, work and careers are essential parts of human life and they require continuous development. It is important for one to grow in various areas of operation and develop a wide range of potential in the jobs and careers field.