Essay Writing Help on Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Robert has worked as the secretary for ABC company from 2011-2015. He has been a diligent worker capable of completing his duties with minimal supervision. I have been his immediate supervisor, and witnessed how well he handles delegated assignments and his quick grasp of new skills. He is a great communicator in both written and verbal. He is also a valuable time keeper whom this company has been heavily reliant on. I understand that Robert is applying for a Master’s Degree program in your institution. I would like to recommend him for admission.

During his tenure at ABC Company, Robert has been responsible for scheduling and document/cost analysis. He has been highly organized all through, and has assisted the company in coming up with creative ways of handling the company’s finances and communicating new developments to the rest of the staff. Despite being dedicated to his duties, he has been very flexible, carrying out any extra duties with total commitment. He is also a pleasant person with great interpersonal skills, and has been instrumental in increasing the number of clients that the company has. He is self-motivated and has a habit of influencing others to adopt the same.

The qualities possessed by Robert makes him a valued element to any organization or institution that he may be affiliated with. He has the ability to increase the productivity of his peers using his pleasant personality and diligence. He will most probably make a responsible and self-driven student, and be an asset to your institution.

I highly recommend Robert for admission in your institution




ABC International Education Company