Essay Writing Help on Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection

  1. Time management
  2. Company knowledge on member departments
  3. External environment and internal abilities
  4. Skills of sustaining a company competitive advantage
  5.  Research and teamwork skills
  6. Management of a business plan and project
  7. Administration skills

On time management, I can apply this in my personal and professional life to achieve the best in both spheres. This lesson has been challenging to me previously. I can now allocate adequate time to both lives without any strain. Company knowledge on individual departments helps to understand the scope of the business strategy course. In all these departments, the acquired lessons and skills can be applied. This lesson also taught me how to categorize the offices based on the roles and responsibilities of each. Individual departments are for instance operations and marketing, and finance.

The lesson on the external environment and internal abilities of a company are significant. It enabled me attain and sustain a competitive advantage of the employment environment. Through the acquired skills in the course of external environment, I can assist a company thrive in the present times where there are increased technological developments and customer sophistication. This course is particularly interesting to me as it highlights how the use of information technology is useful in the company administration. The company I am to work with will therefore manage to compete for the globalized markets. This will be through the assistance I will offer the entire team of employees and the administration.

I am also equipped with reasoning skills. The knowledge can be applied in business conditions where there are no laid structures. The skills entail communication skills and team skills. There is also the application of the quantitative analysis skills and managerial skills. This are essential in the managerial position I wish to hold in the company.