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Paul Family Life

Paul’s family life was affected significantly when he was laid off his work. He used to work at an oil mine when one morning the unexpected happened. His cousin had been out of the workstation for ten years and had not resumed. This gave him a lot of pressure with regard to the responsibility he had as a family man. The manager called him and gave the most devastating news he had never imagined would happen to him; that he was going to spend time off his work until advised otherwise or recalled to resume work. They had two children with Cathy at the time of layoff. This mounted pressure on him as the father to cater for the family daily life as well as their survival. He looked at the refrigerator that was empty; this required an urgent action to avert the eventuality that would result to starving.

It motivated him to move out and look for an employment opportunity in the market. Their relationship as a couple was not that strong before the ordeal occurred because they could not hold talks about their pressing needs. When they went to bed, they could not hold each other, his wife Cathy claiming she did not like the idea. They had to change their diet as a family since their finances were greatly affected (Jeff and Josh 21). His wife became the only breadwinner for the family as at this time. She tried to advice him to look for an employment elsewhere. This idea did not please Paul at the first instance. Cathy had always desired to move out of the place they used to live but because her husband worked at nearby oil mine, she was forced to live with him.

He had to move out and find a job to be able to support the family. As he was sleeping in a hotel room, he received a call from a person who offered him a job. They struggled to make ends meet while at the same time educating the children. After he secured a job in a welding workshop, he was in a position to cater for the family basic needs. This is one of the effects brought about by laying off workers where an employee becomes disoriented as a result of losing his or her source of income. They become dependent on the working class, an action that raises the poverty levels in the country. The living condition improved after he was employed. The income was much less compared to when he was working in an oil mine. Cathy remained supportive to her husband throughout life hardship and they went through together.

This topic is magnificent in the way it brings out the story of our lives and the struggle one goes through after losing a job. This process is characterized with painful experiences because the budget for the family is reduced immensely. Consequently, it is impossible to maintain the status that one used to have before the unexpected occasion happens. Layoff activities for workers come at a cost to the government, which experiences an increase crime rate. It eventually leads to lower levels of economic activities in the country hence reducing the overall revenues collected. I would recommend that the government look for new ways of subsidizing different industries so that they provide employment to a lot of the countries citizens.

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