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From the online activity, I undertook a race IAT test in the two steps that I followed. In the first step, I filled a questionnaire, which had questions to racial matters. I matched items with the best categories of groups given. From the test, my preference for the whites is higher that my preference for the blacks. However, I do not think these results are accurate because I do not have any prejudice over people from any races. I believe that all people are equal despite their differences in their skin colors. Being a white does not imply that a person is more superior to the black person. For instance, in America, all people are treated equally and no discrimination against certain races is allowed. The current president is not a white despite America being a country of the whites. This indicates that institutionalized racism and prejudice do not exist in the country.

Being a patriot, I have also adopted the same stand, which unites America. However, I am not against the implicit association test because the results could have been affected by my speed in responding to the questions in the test. The faster a person is in answering the questions the more accurate the results. In addition, the results could also have been affected by my level of accuracy in responding to the questions. There could be high chances that I made errors and mistakes because I was not aware of what to respond. While I answered some questions, I noted that I was reluctant and not sure of my stand. I though first before I responded, an indication that my results would not be certainly accurate, as some responses did not reflect my true being and thoughts.