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Article Review

            The chosen writing style is the Modern Language Association. The arts, English, humanities, and literature classes mainly employ this style (Russell, 1). Therefore, as an English student, this style fits me most. It is useful in citing online and printed sources, in-text citations, and primary formatting, besides the requirement to shun plagiarism (Modern English Association, 1). This style helps the lecturer to understand the written work when reading. The student can easily refer to the exact place in the resource when revising the work (Russell, 1). It also helps the student not to commit plagiarism as the style facilitates creation of citations for the sources used. This style made my life and that of the supervisor easier. It has also helped my studies from being discontinued.

            The argument of a small town versus a big city made me proud of the essay. This is because I got the chance of comparing the two and help the readers to understand variations in the two kinds of life. This is because many people admire living in the big cities but cannot pick out the main reasons. I enjoyed pointing out the benefits of living in such cities. The benefits of the small cities also made me reason out why I would go for a big town. This is because I got the chance to note down the benefits and challenges realized in my home village; this is a chance that rarely comes by. If I had more time, I would have loved to outline more dangers of staying in the big city. This is because these cities have been associated with dangers and immorality other than the good life previously recognized. I would also have revised the benefits of staying in the village because some of the benefits of staying in the big cities are also applicable in the small towns.

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