Essay Writing Help on Minor League Notebook; Teaching Game just one part of a Manager’s Job


Management goes beyond the usual things that can be seen with bare eyes. As Joe Almaraz says, managers deal with a variety of issues that might not be obvious (Bierman Para. 2). Managers organize, control, and plan activities in organizations. In addition, they lead people in realizing organizational goals (Mukherjee 9). As a coach for junior baseball players, team managers should deal with emotional issues of their players. They must do this because they have to make their players comfortable in their new profession that separates them with their families. Accordingly, apart from making sure that these players are professional players by training them, team managers have to deal with other issues that do not directly relate to baseball. Such issues may be personal in nature, but team managers have to deal with them as they deal with game related issues.

P.J Carey, a manager of Casper Rockies team, acknowledges this fact when he claims that he deals with these issues on a daily basis. He acknowledges the fact that he handles young players from different social backgrounds and in order to help them acclimate, he ensures that his new players live with local families before they participate in baseball tournaments. Ian Stewart, one of his young players, acknowledges the fact that this strategy works for him and his team. He claims that were it not for the team manager and local family, he would not have made it in his baseball career (Bierman Para. 5). Essentially, managers have to combine resources and streamline them towards common goals. When they do this, they pull resources together and make things happen. Managers should plan, communicate, and be involved in running organizations as opposed to just giving orders.   

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