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Milieu Teaching

Answer 1: Milieu teaching involves the employment of various techniques by the teacher on the student. The student is then expected to respond in a certain targeted behavior. The techniques that are usually employed include incidental teaching, mand-model procedures, time delay, and modeling procedures. Milieu teaching procedures are mainly used on children who are either living with certain disabilities or living in at-risk environments. These procedures often follow the child’s lead and the child must first be willing and show interest, whether verbal or non-verbal to follow the procedures.

Answer 2: The limitations of milieu teaching in a class with intensive communication needs are that the procedures employed may not necessarily match the needs of the student. Many children living with disabilities will need to have these procedures accompanied with less adult-directed activities in order for them to increase their communicative ability and for them to carry over learned skills to new environments and with new communication partners. It is important that the student be given opportunities for interactions with their peers, that is, with other students of their age. This will enable them to socialize better, which will in turn lead to even faster communication development. Another limitation of the milieu teaching is that the student must be motivated in order for the student to learn. The student is offered motivation either by being allowed access to whatever the student wants or by being allowed to carry out an activity that the student wishes. This leads to a situation where by the student may not be in a position to learn new words or communicative expressions in the absence of something to motivate them.