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Life-Philosophy: Attitude


Attitude is a life philosophy determining and influencing how people perceive, regard, or view various situations impacting their lives. Attitude hardly focuses on actual happenings as it pays keen attention on the circumstances and factors leading to a situation. Principally, attitude is the manner in which an individual interprets situations to form assumptions influencing the conscious knowledge of actual happenings. It evokes various emotions including fear, guilt, sympathy, anger, and contentment among others. Negative and positive emotions however impact the process through which the mind and body interact to achieve and sustain emotional balance, intelligence, and engage with other people clearly and cohesively. These journal entries have been conducted for a period of seven days. They document the various factors that influence personal attitudes depending on day to day occurrences. It will prove that, a positive attitude can reduce stress levels enhancing self-esteem, confidence, self-worth, optimism, and success while pursuing overall life goals and objectives.

Journal Entry Day One: Saturday

Saturday is a day I attend school until midday before embarking on social activities with friends and family. Although it does not require multiple formal engagements, I often find the morning sessions cumbersome. This is mainly influenced by my attitude towards Saturday as I regard the day as a weekend. Hence, I believe I should be allowed to rest, which should not include waking up as early as am required. Thus, I tend to have a negative attitude towards early hours of the day. Although the negative attitude should only interfere with the morning or half of the day, it affects my moods and emotions for the rest of the day.

Foremost, I get anxious when the alarm goes off. More often, I have to drag out of bed to avoid being late for school. My attention span in the classroom is often short term as all am able to think about is the fun activities I will engage in with my friends and family members. Thus, the negative attitude towards the early rising on a Saturday morning interferes with my emotions and abilities for the rest of the day. Foremost, it interferes with my appetite, as most days I have to rush to school without taking breakfast to avoid reporting late. Consequently, it interferes with my ability to concentrate in class. Saturday afternoons are supposed to be fun-filled. However, if the morning was neither pleasing nor promising I opt going back home to sleep, watch movies, play games, or study more. Hence, my social activities with friends and family members are postponed. This has adversely impacted my social life, as I currently prefer my private isolation sessions rather than inclusion with friends and family.

Journal Entry Day Two: Sunday

I believe Sunday is the best of the week. This is because it provides several options that I can undertake on my own terms, time, and schedule. For example, I am able to choose the church session I can attend without reporting late. I am also able to select the most comfortable attire for the day without looking either over-dressed or under-dressed. The day also provides me with an opportunity to visit recreational parks after church. This is because my head is often clear from the week’s stressful engagements.

My attitude towards the day is therefore based on the mere attendance of church activities. Attending the church improves provides an opportunity to learn new skills that can help me grow mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and even physically. Thus, I tap on the energy within the church, as the congregation is often full of hope to a promising future. The act of praying with other believers also provides me with hope that, some days of the week may not be promising. However, I should believe and trust that God will give me another chance to experience a better day. Hence, Sundays provide me with an opportunity to be happy, cheerful, giving, grateful, hopeful, and faithful despite the stressful issues I could be going through either at home or school.

Journal Entry Day Three: Monday

My attitude towards the day can be described as entirely negative since morning until I retire to bed. Foremost, I am apprehensive while getting up in the morning as I feel like the night just rushed by without providing enough time to rest. I also get anxious regarding the activities of the day. This is because school activities involve submitting assignments that were assigned either on Friday or Saturday. Sometimes, the day also involves sitting for random examinations, which alleviate stress levels. I believe Monday afternoons are boring as the hours seem longer and slow. Hence, I get bored, lose concentration in class, and sometimes doze off.

Thus, my negative attitude towards Monday interferes with my emotional balances, levels of concentration, stress levels, appetite, and social skills. I hardly associate with friends and colleagues on a Monday. This is because my main focus is for the day to come to an end hence, get back home and relax. Although the day can be easy at times, my negative attitude interferes with my emotional and psychological abilities to recognize the day is bright, relaxing and hopeful. My attitude therefore encourages me to antagonize the day which reduces my confidence levels that they day will be provide optimistic and enthusiastic opportunities to pursue.

Journal Entry Day Four: Tuesday

I believe Tuesday provides people with an opportunity to re-evaluate their goals for the week in order to work hard and pursue them. It is therefore a day I utilize re-inventing myself and goals in life that I should achieve per week. Thus, my primary relationship with the day involves addressing issues I might have neglected or manipulated on Monday to suit my desires without analyzing the situation. For example, I have to ensure the assignments are completed and submitted to avoid low grades. I also ensure my normal school schedule is back on track without feeling like I should be somewhere else, hence distractions and low concentration. Thus, Tuesday provides an opportunity to discover and utilize life patterns and philosophies that work in my favor. Consequently, I strive to ensure negative attitudes developing due to boredom, laziness, lack of passion and dedication as well as poor decision making processes are ruled out. I embrace a positive attitude fueled by compassion, hard work, desire to succeed, pride and dedication.

Journal Entry Day Five: Wednesday

Wednesday is a day to love and appreciate the new energy driving and motivating me to pursue my week’s goals and objectives. I integrate with colleagues through group discussions, pursue professional and personal goals and objectives, and develop new meaningful relationships with people with an ability to improve my skills. These people include university lecturers and professors as well as organizational managers willing to offer internships or temporary employment. The day is based on my personal attitude and belief that, resisting integrating and developing relationships and rapport with peoples does not improve my pursuit to succeed in achieving my professional and personal goals, desires, expectations, and objectives. Rather, this fuels development of a negative attitude towards people across environments encouraging support, motivation, and assistance from peers and professionals.

Thus, I ensure my attitude on Wednesday encourages and motivates exploration of new and exciting ideas and opportunities within my surrounding. It also prompts exploration and assessment of currently existing relationships. This is crucial in order to determine factors either enhancing the relations or causing conflicts and rifts. Consequently, a positive attitude encouraging maintenance of mutually beneficial relations enables identification of the needs and expectations from the rapport. As a result, I am able to formulate and implement viable causes that can enhance the relations to improve harmony and benefits derived. Developing a positive attitude therefore enhances my energy. This further motivates me to develop stable and harmonious emotions. This is because stable positive attitudes do not limit my abilities, deny opportunities to seize favorable situations or encourage me to neglect my responsibilities as I pursue my lifetime goals and objectives.

Journal Entry Day six: Thursday

This day provides moods and feelings keenly paying attention and focusing on my positive energy and desires to continue pursuing my lifetime goals. Although human beings should be always positive with regards to attitudes, desires, and energy in pursuing lifetime goals and objectives, sometimes it can be challenging. For example, sickness, death in the family and desperation can lead to development of negative attitudes neither encouraging nor motivating a person to pursue lifetime goals and objectives. The main key in determining my attitude during such days involves engaging in clear and balanced communication skills to ensure the conversations are motivating, supportive, and beneficial.

Thus, I often ensure my attitude on Thursdays is fueled by excitement, fun, fantasies, beliefs, and confidence that I have achieved some of my lifetime goals and objectives. As a result, I ensure my doubts are removed in order to avoid limiting my abilities, beliefs, and blocking perfect opportunities to seize. This ensures I do not feel as a victim of my negative attitude and emotions adversely affecting my relations, abilities, and experiences in a world providing diverse opportunities to seize and achieve lifetime benefits.

Journal Entry Day Seven: Friday

Friday is a day spent perusing my goals and objectives while analyzing my feelings, emotions, attitudes, and thoughts for the week that is coming to an end. Based on the analysis, I am able to construct and learn how to break from negative emotions adversely affecting my attitude towards life in general. The reflection also helps in identifying relations to either break or sustain depending on their influence in relation to my attitude and emotions. For example, identifying destructive relations limiting my self-worth, confidence and esteem is vital as it reduces levels of stress. Consequently, blood pressure is balanced enabling me to associate and integrate with friends and family facilitated by stable emotions and a positive attitude. Thus, Friday provides an opportunity to rely on my brain and limbic systems as well as the neo-cortex to ensure the coming week is handled with a better attitude. This involves controlling and managing my rational decision making process, emotions, and body functions to eliminate anger, fear, anxiety, and low self esteem impeding my attitude towards life.

In conclusion, attitude as a lifetime philosophy has therefore motivated and encouraged me to be persistent. It ensures I control my impulses when frustrated, excited, and overwhelmed. This guarantees that, negative emotions and beliefs developing from a negative attitude such as lack of interest and confidence coupled with depression, pessimism, and irresponsibility are minimized and prevented.