Essay Writing Help on Fatal Accidents in Saudi Arabia

Fatal Accidents in Saudi Arabia


            The problem of road accidents affects mostly young drivers and joy riders aged between 16 to 30 years who take part in unsanctioned road races. Saudi Arabia currently loses an average of 17 people daily to road accidents and hundreds suffer injuries some of which are life threatening (Joffe-Walt n.p.).  To study this critical issue in Saudi Arabia there is need for a comprehensive data collection methodology that will effectively gather vital data for analysis.

            Data collection will be based on both qualitative and quantitative research methods. It will use interviews of the victims, their family members of victims, hospital staff and traffic officers. This will be accompanied by field notes which will be analyzed and the information corroborated with those collected during the interviews. The use of a case study approach that combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies is informed by the fact that the study will highlight how humans interact with their environment. Open-ended questionnaires will also be used to collect data on the phenomenon under study.

            The various relevant departments including the health have compiled most of these statistics on the accidents and traffic ministries, data triangulation of secondary sources will also be used to collect data. This will help in giving a deeper insight into the various variables under study including the age of the victims, fatalities and accident hotspots. This also will include the nature of the fatalities and injuries. This will allow for data corroboration and while also offering insight into the various data outliers in the data collected. This will be achieved through comparing and contrasting the data collected with the secondary data. Data will be analyzed through measure of central tendencies including percentages; mean and the results displayed using tables, graphs and pie charts.     


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