Essay Writing Help on Family Meeting

Family Meeting

The day was sunny and bright outside. The dinner table was fully packed with family members, my uncle and cousins. The excitement in the air was almost audible. My mother alternately switched between happiness and a pensive mood. She was happy that I would be traveling to pursue higher education and at the same time, worried about my departure. Seated across the table was my father. He is a serious man who usually has his moments of happiness and play. My toddler cousin would crawl between his legs and start tugging on the laces of his sandals. Once the roasted beef was ready, the food was served and everyone gathered around the dinner table. We had a good meal under an aura of happiness and joy. After the meal, Juice was served. My father took a long sip, put his glass down and called me by my name.

            “You are travelling to the United States,” he started. “We all want the best for you. You have to keep in mind the reason why you are travelling, education, right?” he continued, concluding his statements with an inquisitive gaze, as if reading my mind. I would respond with a gentle nod as he continued. During the moment of advice, he clarified to me that I was going to a place with a different culture, weather, and people. His main concern was how I would adjust into the new culture while at the same time maintaining ours. His insisted that he found it appropriate for me to spend enough time working on my education while at the same time learning about other cultures. This, he stated, would give me a better chance of working successfully in a multi-cultural environment. During this conversation, I would look at mum and she would smile back, affirming my father’s words. I then made a decision to try my best to heed to their advice to achieve my dream and satisfy their wishes.