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Descriptive Essay

            This non-living object is popular with men, who mostly use it to carry various personal items. They include: identification documents (for example, identification card, driver’s license, and club card among others), credit cards, debit cards, cash, and business cards.  The non-living object comes in the form of a small, flat case that can easily fit into the trouser pocket.  Leather is the main material for making this object, although other fabrics can also be used.

            The introduction of paper currency propelled this non-living object into popularity and today, the mere sight of it conjures thoughts of money. It is also an item of fashion in that different individuals will desire a given design over another. Some people prefer this object in a colour that matches their belts or shoes, while others go for the most convenient, that is, one that will carry their personal possession safely. Most collections come in the popular brown and black colours. Others bear the house-name of their designers. It is also possible to have one branded for at request, which tends to be far much expensive compared to ordinary designs.

            The price of this item also differs based on the material use to make it. Those made of leather are more glamorous and expensive compared to those made of other materials such as non-woven textile. The design of this item also differs depending on the region. For example, those used in Europe come with a compartment to hold the larger coins that are prevalent in the region. In addition, European notes like the Pound and the Euro are comparatively larger compared to American notes. Therefore, men in this region require a relatively larger wallet.