Essay Writing Help on Congratulations!


In life, we make some notable achievements that our loved ones feel cannot pass unmentioned. They plan events where they wish to convey their congratulatory messages as well as celebrate with us. Individuals looking forward to following the same path of success find an excellent platform where their hopes get a boost. They need to know how the end of their journey will look like – success itself. This speech entails a congratulation message to Grace Holmes, a young lady in her mid-twenties who has graduated with a Ph.D. in Anthropology. In addition, she has secured a position at Smithsonian National Museum of National History where she will head the Department of Anthropology. Her parent, Engineer Holmes, hopes to read the following congratulatory speech at her graduation’s evening party.

“Good evening everyone and you are most welcome to listen to my speech. It is indeed an opportunity to tell my daughter crucial information that I may never get a chance to communicate. The everyday hustles have created a gap between us parents and our children as we never get a chance to converse at length. Therefore, when we get the opportunity to pour out our hearts, like we have now, we exhaust the contents piled up in our memory banks. Everything that I have always wanted to comment on but never had the chance to, I do it now and here.

I wish to appreciate this gathering for creating time within your busy schedules to meet here today in celebration of our daughter’s success. It is a beauty to have all of you here as the spirit of togetherness has been evidently portrayed. To Grace, her joy knows no boundaries as she has eagerly waited for this day. At her age, attainment of a Ph.D. is an achievement beyond explanation. You earned it my daughter, bravo! For us, the only support we can give her this day is to share in her joy. As you all know, joy shared is joy doubled. Our core business today is to give thanks to our Maker for the far He has come with Grace. I know of many people of her age who are messed up. You have stood out my girl, and I am humbled by your uniqueness.

The journey has taken a couple of years, and sure, it was not plain sailing. Grace is the ideal person to explain the hardships involved. Some of us have been on that same road, but each person is unique, and so are their experiences. There were discouragements on the way since whenever you are willing to rise above the waters, someone will want to undermine you. It is always a challenging adventure, and unless your Maker has raised you up for the very success, you will be worn out by the opposition of men. My daughter, you have realized the secret to not let yourself be distracted and confused by insignificant issues. It takes a great mind like yours to understand that the secret lies in keeping your head up and your eyes on the goal.

You started with a desire to climb the mountains of education, and evidently enough, you went for the highest ones. I believe you have had significant dreams. The way I understand the concept of success, it was natural to see yourself in those more important dreams; sadly, walking into these dreams is not, and you have indeed put up a determined fight. I can testify that your greatest dream did not intimidate you. Your Maker came through as you pursued it. There are many people who are more gifted that are messed up, and the realization has humbled the star.

As a parent, I stand here today to recognize and appreciate my child’s efforts. I am fully aware that the deepest principle of Grace right now is the craving for appreciation. No more effective exercise exists for strengthening her heart than lifting her up. I will build you with compliments and always see you as an asset. It is the best way to make you realize your potential. The big man is the one who makes us take pride in his achievements when we are with him; today my daughter has done just that. I feel bigger to be the parent of a 26-year-old Ph.D. holder.

You have been a personal inspiration. Anytime I felt weary in financing your education and that of your siblings, your determination urged me to be strong as I would appreciate the outcome. I would have given up, but I did not. Today I can look at you and declare, “because of you, I never give up.”

Today is your day my child. With you, I know it does not stop here; your determination does not know any limits. Your siblings look up to you; I know they have made the right decision in following your footsteps.

Congratulations to Grace Holmes, you have made us all proud. As you leave for employment at Smithsonian National Museum of National History, we know that you shall be resourceful. Let them realize what a jewel they have in you. We wish you well.”