Essay Writing Help on Conflicting Viewpoints Essayer’s Choice

Assignment 1.1: Conflicting Viewpoints Essayer’s Choice


            When looking for information over a given issue, I often try to resist biases. This is because I always believe in my instincts. In rare situations does anyone convince me against the original idea I had. This is a critical thinking paper that is meant explore the replacement of textbooks with computers within schools.


The main reason why the public is embracing tablets to textbooks is that it is more interesting to everyone. The reasons given in opposition of the tablets in schools are that they are expensive and, can easily break, and often divert the attention of students. Tablets are known for causing eye problems, blurred vision, and increased internet expenses and can be outdated as new technologies are introduced.

The issue of tablets becoming outdated is a great assumption. This is because these tablets are forms of the new technology where the software can easily be updated. Therefore, tablets can never be replaced with other technologies. Moreover, it is cheaper in maintaining tablets than in collecting textbooks. It is common knowledge that textbooks are replaced as students advance in learning. Therefore, many textbooks become useless after the students have used them. They are also very bulky and hence tend to cause physical damage to students in the end. This calls for replacement by a better and effective method. Tablets come in light forms, and sizes. The software is replaceable and is updated as per the needs and the requirements of the student. By using a tablet, students will be relieved of the heavy and bulky luggage associated with learning.

Tablets can contain many textbooks, reduce environment degradation, and attract the attention of students as they interact with the technology. Moreover, tablets are cheaper than printed books. This argument is helpful as it highlights the benefits and challenges of using either textbooks or tablets. Through this study, the reader comes to realize that tablets are better in the current technological era than printed textbooks. This idea may be true in relation to the manufacturing and maintenance costs.

One of the fallacies is that tablets are cheaper in production. This is however not the case as its production leads to much environmental degradation. This is perceived as more carbon dioxide is released into the space. It is approximated that around 66 pounds of carbon dioxide are realized into the atmosphere. Another informal fallacy is that textbooks help in practical revision. It has been approximated that students using tablets pass by 20% more than students using textbooks do. It is an assumption that people who use technological devices tend to have more health problems. This is however some of the theories which are yet to be proved. Lovers of textbooks cite that using tablets can cause health complications such as eye drying, and blurred vision. These challenges have so far been realized on people who do unbalanced work and avoid exercises. This is however not alarming as students from all sectors are encouraged to exercise for healthy living.


            This is a critical thinking on the benefits of using tablets to textbooks. In the face of technological advanced, it is beneficial to keep up with the developments. Therefore, in as much as there are high initial costs, the maintenance costs, and the benefits accrued are encouraging.