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Civil War

The abolitionists left a mark in the lives of many people. To say they were spinning their wheels is an injustice to them (Zinn, 84). Their actions had a great impact and remain revolutionary in American history. John Brown, for example, had a real calling to improve the lives of many slaves by bringing to an end the whole aspect of slavery. “The measure with which the slaves yearned for freedom for themselves equaled his desire for their freedom. He was not free because they were not. He paid for this with his life” (Foner 13). However, in 1859, when a raid occurred in the Harpers Ferry, tension arose. It marked the start of secession and the civil war one year down the line. Brown took the blame for the killings during the raid. Had he spared them, probably the civil war would not have emerged?

“The year 1807, in Great Britain, the abolition of the slave trade act was passed, courtesy of the abolitionist movement” (Foner 17). The success came after a struggle of almost 20 years characterized with vigorous campaigns and pressure in the political arena. In the year 1806, the parliament passed a bill to ban British involvement with France on the slave trade. The result was a reduction of the slave trade by a two-third fraction. This act was the pathway to the 1807 Act.

“The act was the bomb in abolishing slavery in all British colonies. It declared illegality on carrying slaves on the British ships” (Zinn 106). The law, however, never required the freeing of slaves.

The abolitionist movement extended its campaigns to the U.S., a nation independent from the British rule (Foner 85). The beauty was that; the year 1804 saw the movement convince most northern states into a policy that eliminated slaves gradually. The American Anti-Slavery Society, formed in 1833, was driven by the goal of total elimination of slaves. With public support, the movement achieved its goal in the north by the time it lost relevance following internal disharmony (Foner 98).

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