Essay Writing Help on Case Analysis Memo: Beyond the Bean Coffee Shop

Case Analysis Memo: Beyond the Bean Coffee Shop


The case study is about the business plan of the proposed business-Beyond the Bean. David Greig has developed a business plan that should be presented to his partner, Angela Peck. David expects that after a discussion with his partner then they would start the business in the following year. The business idea is to start a Gourmet coffee shop where customers would come and enjoy a specialty coffee as they play board games. The duo intends to provide the clients with an unforgettable social experience .The partners however are not blind to the many challenges faced by all start-up business owners. They have to meet the terms of all the state set of laws and deal with the competition from well known and flourishing businesses. Their business plan has to address these challenges and offer solutions.

Government regulations are easily solved by filling-in applications and complying with the standard guidelines. The main issue lies with the promotion of the company to the potential consumers. The coffee industry has stiff completion, this coupled with the global economic recession, means that the marketing strategy must be very effective and reliable. The partners have two focal marketing options; direct marketing or online marketing. Direct marketing, on one hand, would mean that they source for the clients on their own without involving third parties. It would also give them opportunity to promote their new business. Direct marketing can be done through the customer databases like groupon. Online marketing, on the other hand, refers to the efforts by the company to promote their businesses online. Businesses also use the internet to create company brand.

For any start-up business, direct marketing is more effective and can generate more business leads than other marketing approaches. The marketing approach provides buyers readily accessible to commodities and services to select from. This would save them time of having to go around looking for the products. Direct marketing also enable consumers to evaluate information of diverse rival companies. The comparison could be in form of pricing, varieties, and values of the goods and services offered. The approach would provide opportunities for buyers to interact with the company staff and this can help in forming a strong brand loyalty. It is not only buyers who would benefit from direct marketing, but also the owners of Beyond the Bean would benefit a lot. Direct marketing would act as a tool for improving and developing their relationship with clients. The method is also cost-effective and very efficient .It would offer the fastest way to access the market and enable them to reach other areas that could not be accessed by use of the other marketing channels.

Implementation of direct marketing can take many forms. The partners can choose direct –mail whereby they would make personalized offers in form texts or email. They can also print catalogues with pictures and information on the services and products offered at the Beyond the bean coffee shop. Direct telephone calls to clients can be used to trade directly to clients. Another modern method of direct marketing is the use of direct response television, whereby clients are given description of the services and products available at the coffee shop and a toll-free number to call. Lastly, they can place information in public areas like the shopping malls, stores and other areas so that people can get information about their business.


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