Essay Writing Help on BaoAn Temple

BaoAn Temple

What was your reaction to the tour of BaoAn Temple by Ernie Bursey?

The professor seems to be familiar with the setting and Buddhist customs. Thus, posing a question of what was he intending to achieve other than interview?  He controlled the conversation well. However, I am disappointed that he did not explore in detail the issue he was dealing with, as the interview was more of informational other than an exploratory.

What did you find particularly noteworthy in the interview?

 I found that the interview was more informative and inquisitive, and delved on Buddhist temple.There was also communication breakdown at a point due to misunderstanding between the professor and the host. In addition, the interview ended in a suspending manner that was not good.  In the end the interview was fruitful as the professor managed to interact with the host, drawing out the Buddhist way of worship.  

Furthermore, the professor argued or was quick to conclude by expressing his opinions. By doing so, he forgot the purpose of the assignment, which was to explore without jumping into conclusions. Thus, the conversations revolve on what he knew other than what he wanted to know.

Did this exploration help you understand Buddhist teachings and practices?

Yes it did because I had no knowledge about Buddhist. With the exploration, I was able to understand Buddhism teachings and practices. For instance, I found quite a number of things worthy in the exploration such as Buddha worship experience, Buddhist teaching of suffering, the sitting position in relation to chanting, mediation, and worship.

In addition, I learned that a number of symbol represented by bells, drum, lotus flower, woodcarvings and that Buddha was the highest prince.

What suggestions would you make to the amateur interviewer, Dr. Bursey, in his efforts to model an exploration assignment?  

  • He should ask a question and pose a problem instead of opining.
  • He should stick to the viewpoint of the assignment.
  • Avoid using ambiguous terms but use simple language.
  • Avoid rhetorical questions and use a leading question to explore much on the subject.

The following are some of the questions that I would have asked nun Imori if I were the interviewer.

  • Why did you decide to become a nun?
  • Was it hard leaving behind your family, friends, and worldly affairs?
  • What is the hardest thing about being a nun?
  • What is the most enjoyable part of being a nun?
  • Do you ever feel an urge to return to lay life?