Essay Writing Help on Article from the Star Telegram

Article from the Star Telegram

1. What is the title of the article? Who is the author?

             The article ‘A mother’s Love Shown through Her Discipline’ is from the Fort Worth Star Telegram posted in May 2015, by Bob Ray Sanders, an author and contributor of the Star Telegram.

2. What is the argument and stance?

            The article tells the story of a Baltimore mother of a teenager who identified her son in a rioting group during the infamous Baltimore that gripped the City of Baltimore in Maryland. The mother singled out her son from the crowd slapped him several times before ordering him to back to the house. This was as a way of teaching him a lesson for his actions. This act received both praise and criticism from for public, for correcting a mistake using violence. However, the author of the article supports the action of the Baltimore mother stating that, it was in her best interest to save her son from harm and most probably being sent to jail together with the other rioters.

3.  How well does the article makes its position?

            The author of the article supports the act of punishing children for their mistakes, as it a better way of correcting stubborn and misbehaving children. Furthermore, the author states an example of how he grew up in an era of punishment, and how he was punished  after committing a mistake, whether at school, church or any other public place. The author states how his parents were restrictive and concerned about committing mistakes.

4. What changes, if any, do you feel would help increase the effectiveness of the article?

            There are several ways of correcting mistakes, other than corporal punishment. The article could have been more effective if it stated additional ways of correcting misbehaving children such as, educating teenagers and young adults on laws and consequences of violating them, counseling, and giving advice on the matters that can injure or get them to jail.

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