Essay Writing Help on Application for the Alabama Pre-K Grant

Application for the Alabama Pre-K Grant

            The Alabama Pre-K Grant has come at the right time. More than 42 percent of Alabama students attend rural schools. This brings us to the fact that more investment needs to be done for better performance of these students. Investing in the early childhood has great long-term benefits to the society. Otherwise, there would be risk of raising a generation of academic dwarfs. This is why this grant is important not only for us but for the whole community of Alabama.

Benefits of quality education at the Pre-K stage of schooling

            If a good foundation is laid at the Pre-kindergarten stage of a child’s life, the child will enjoy the rest of their school days. Based on our demographics, which consists of 60% white kids, 38% black kids and 2% of the other races, the grant we are applying for is surely going to benefit the whole community. This will lead to better interracial relations, which will boost the sense of belonging of every individual. Furthermore, getting grant to pay for the pre-kindergarten schooling of children will take off the economic burden from their parents. Most of the parents whose children are to be catered for earn low incomes. Their income will then be channeled to provide other basic needs of the children apart from education. Lunch will be provided for all the children at the school.

            We would like to indicate that we have put measures in place to ensure that quality education is afforded to the fore mentioned children. We have enough classrooms in the school to host about 500 children. Every classroom has a maximum class size of 20 children. All are well- furnished with enough learning materials and comfortable furniture. There are also toys for the children to engage them during their breaks and play times. We also plan to follow the standards for quality education laid down by the National Institute of Early Education Research (NIEER). We have in place a curriculum that articulates a comprehensive syllabus for the young ones. The syllabus is flexible allowing them to have enough rest and play time. This enhances their mental and social development respectively. We are also in the process of employing qualified teachers to teach the children. The ratio between the child and teachers will be ten to one. We also intend to have plans in place to ensure the health of children is taken care of, while at school. We will get an insurance policy to cover each child’s health.

            Pre-kindergarten is a time when children are making connections between what they know and what they are learning. It is a season where children are learning to participate in routines, demonstrating ability to make decisions and expressing their innate abilities. We would like them to have the best years of their tender lives. As such, we tender this request for the Pre-K grant offered. It will help us to provide our community with the opportunity to have a meaningful learning experience. This will decrease the number of students in the special education, thus uniting the community