Essay Writing Help on A Letter to the Local County of Oklahoma via the Oklahoma Gazette

A Letter to the Local County of Oklahoma via the Oklahoma Gazette

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing on behalf of my fellow residents of the city of Oklahoma to your office. I am a concerned party and an activist who has been keenly monitoring each and every activity that is undertaken by your office. The entire office has totally failed in the management of the government systems and policies as well as the mandate that the people of the county gave you. I am writing this letter to specifically give a warning on your dealings concerning public administration. As a matter of fact, residents of this city are not impressed at all by your public administration and relations.

I would like to put forward a number of observations concerning your actions in relation to public administration. First and foremost, I am going to define the meaning of public administration just in case you have forgotten about it. It involves the implementation of government policies for civil servants working in the public service sector in the government. The primary goal and objective of public administration is to advance the management and policies so that the government can function. Similarly, it can be said to involve the management of public programs.

However, your office has decided to promote nepotism and impunity instead of delivering and acting as a bridge between the public and the government. It is so unfortunate since many of the unelected public servants are performing better than the elected administrators. I would want to advise you to employ the public policy models for the centralization of power. A policy model such as the New Public Governance should be adopted that will enable an active engagement of the public servants to the implementation of government policies.